We love cookbooks that show delicious recipes that are quick, healthy and easy. Flex Appeal: A Vegetarian Cookbook For Families With Meat Eaters has to be one of our favourite cookbooks we have ever reviewed.


Many vegetarian parents may have family members that are meat eaters. This makes dinner very complicated.  How do we make meals that will satisfy everyone? Are there vegetarian meals that will satisfy our meat eating family members? Most importantly, can we make fast, efficient meals that are yummy and healthy? After reading this book, we believe that authors Pat Crocker and Nettie Cronish have found the answer with their book, Flex Appeal.

This easy to read book teaches families about humane choices for your family and how to offer better choices to both meat eaters and vegetarians alike. Most of the meals can be prepared in less then an hour. We loved the Feta Stuffed Figs. Add prosciutto for those meat eaters!

flex appeal

Your children will love the colorful and yummy meals they will have and parents will enjoy the different tastes and textures (trust us, we have tried every recipe). It is yummy, informative and delicious. This book belongs in your kitchen so you can keep be inspired by these healthy fun recipes.


Pat and Nettie have years of experience in making delicious cookbooks in Canada. You can definitely benefit from their expertise! If you’re looking to eat healthier and enjoy new suggestions for healthy meals or just interested in trying some new dishes, this is for you. Get the children involved in some of the preparation and start their curiosity about good food early!