Active Dads Rule – When an idea from one person, becomes a movement of communities all over the world, we take a minute to pause and be grateful that there is positivity, hope and community in this world. We are now at the grassroots of a movement and a ‘coming together’ that will change families forever. The idea itself is a mix of the traditional and the trendy.

Children need support. In a world of social media, bullying, isolation and loneliness, families and communities need to come together to help children feel safe and empowered. Enter Derrick Culpepper.

Derrick was one half of the viral sensation of Active Dads Rule. Along with his adorable daughter Linda, they created a video that was just meant for family. Linda was three at the time and positively encouraging Derrick to brush her hair. Suddenly, became viral fast. Just seven years ago, the United States was hurt by the pain and divide of their country. This video was one that made everyone remember that family is everything. It touched people’s hearts and was the topic of conversation by media outlets for a long time. However this heartwarming family video was the first of many leaps for the Culpepper family.

As Derrick worked and raised his family, he saw a gap in other children’s lives. His family background was in education, so both he and his wife, Dr. Lakisha Culpepper are no strangers to the needs of students and teachers everywhere. Children need parent representation. However, what about children who do not have the privilege of having parents at home?

Whether they have a single parent, are in the foster system, being raised by other family members or have two parents working long hours to make ends meet, they need a voice and someone to help them. This is where Active Dads Rule begins. Starting with a clothing line, Derrick began to use the shirts to let others know that it is safe and okay for more fathers to get actively involved in the lives of children.

When children have a safe adult to talk to, to look up to and to be protected by, they are less likely to commit crimes in their youth, more likely to pursue a post-secondary education and feel more confident in their decision-making. With every connection, we are taking children away from crime and becoming happy members of society.

There are many ways for you to help. Firstly, get in contact with Active Dads Rule on social media. They will have a lot of interesting things happening and you want to make sure you’re on top of it. Secondly, support their fashion line. A portion of their process go to help at-risk youth. Next, see how you can help out at your local school, community center or with foster care agencies. Be sure to tag Active Dads Rule and tell them how you are helping your community.

There is a timeless saying that it takes a community to raise a child. This is the truth. To add to this, it takes an ACTIVE community to raise a child. Let’s be the change we want to see and be the active Dads, Moms, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents and community members to help raise our next generation.