Pick Me: An Adoption Series

Article #1 – The First Step


Paige Turner


I remember, some time ago, Angelina Jolie proclaimed that she would not have kids herself, but would adopt several, as there are many children worldwide that need love, support, a home and most importantly, parents.  I was a bit miffed when I heard she conceived naturally, but I am not sure if that was because I felt she was a hypocrite or if it was just because I was on ‘Team Aniston’.  Nonetheless, it is admirable that celebrities often adopt children in addition to having their own.  It also makes it seem impossible for the average couple, because I feel, with celebrities adopting children; there are no financial barriers whereas with your average household, there may be.  Luckily, the ‘average’ person/couple can adopt!


There are four (4) types of adoption:  private, public, international and relative.  Over the adoption series, the articles will go into more details of each.  The series will also go through the steps of how to become an adoptive parent(s), how long it will take, the costs, and the possibility of adopting someone you already know, that you want to welcome into your family, – you just need the formalities.


The series will also touch on other ways to get involved, the option to be a foster parent(s) or family.  There are many agencies and resources available as well as on-going support form start to finish and thereafter.


This is a big and important decision.  For both the person giving up the child and the ones adopting him/her.  It is important to note that blood doesn’t necessarily mean family.  Family is those opportunities to bring people together to share their lives.  Doing that for a child is a privilege and also, a wonderful gift.


Over the series, we will debunk myths, discuss adoption risks, the dos and don’ts of adoption “etiquette” and how to network with others who have started the process, competed it or are just taking the first baby steps…


The most difficult part of the adoption process is not to lose hope.  The process is lengthy and almost invasive as your life is scrutinized in detail.  This is because adoption agencies and the governments who protect them want to ensure the child(ren) are being put first, their best interests and that a stable, loving and secure environment can be provided.  It almost doesn’t seem to be fair to those people who desperately want to have children but cannot.  In an ideal world, there would be agencies and government regulations for people to follow in order to even conceive.


Lastly, it is important that the parents think about themselves and ensure that they have the support needed from family and friends.  There is a social stigma in relation to adoption.  Some people do not understand the need or want to adopt.  Overtime, society has gone from being rather secretive about unwanted pregnancies to embracing adoption. However, challenges still lie ahead.  This adoption series will talk to the ups, downs and the in-betweens.