Breathing Life- The Miracle That Is Zane

Zane Lochlear, son of NFL player Sean Locklear and Tiffany Locklear


“I took a deep breath and listened to the old bray of my heart: I am, I am, I am.” ~Sylvia Plath

Zane Lochlear, son of NFL player Sean Locklear and Tiffany Locklear

Little Zane and baby Paxton are the loves of Tiffany and NFL player Sean Locklear’s life. They’re both handsome, curious and full of life. Those smiles are infectious! However, there was a day, not too long ago that they almost lost little Zane…

What happened on January 26th was absolutely horrific for the Locklear family. Tiffany was nine months pregnant and having contractions, so Zane was babysat by his paternal grandmother. In the middle of the day, during Tiffany’s ultra sound appointment, they received a terrifying call. Zane had fallen in the pool.

There was no pool cover and the door was not locked. Zane was found by his grandmother, in the pool, without a heartbeat. His grandmothers screams was heard by a neighbor, who administered CPR until paramedics arrived. After 84 horrible minutes, Zane had a heartbeat.

Thankfully, Zane was alive, but his journey had just begun. He soon went for two CT scans and they discovered a small amount of water on his brain. He was transferred via helicopter to another hospital to keep his temperature low (to avoid swelling on the brain) and with Zane’s miraculous progress, doctors were able to slowly bring his temperature to normal.

“And when I breathed, my breath was lightning.” Black Elk

Zane Lochlear, son of NFL player Sean Locklear and Tiffany Locklear

Tiffany and Sean kept it together for the love they had for each other and their little family. Tiffany was pregnant with baby Paxton at the time and she had to make sure her stress levels were as low as possible. A few days after the accident, Paxton was born. Meanwhile, little Zane’s eye flickered, he moved his foot. He was responding! The light had come back to Zane, but it was going to be a long road. The love and care from Zane’s family, friends and the wonderful doctors and staff at the hospital kept Sean and Tiffany strong, bonded and ready to overcome any challenge that Zane may face.

Zane fought hard and was able to go home with his family. Sean and Tiffany began their life raising a brand new infant and administering numerous medications for Zane. This little tot now has important and necessary feeding tubes. He needs to be calmed down during agitation periods. He has (to name a few) occupational therapy, speech therapy and physical therapy to keep Zane improving. Tiffany and Sean were up to the challenge of paying for all of these expenses, but they are insurmountable for any family to take on. Insurance was only able to cover a small portion of the costs. Sean and Tiffany are kind and private people and are now reaching out to not only make sure that this miracle boy continues to recover and shine that beautiful light on his family, but also to PREVENT this from happening to others.

Tiffany and Sean are not asking for much, just to see their little Zane play with the adorable Paxton as brothers. With a recovering tot and a new baby, times are tough. However, Tiffany and Sean let positivity shine and are determined to help Zane in any way they can and also help others with pool safety. Let’s not only educate our immediate family, but aunts, uncles, grandparents and friends!

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness because it shows me the stars”
Og Mandino

Zane Lochlear, son of NFL player Sean Locklear and Tiffany Locklear

A fundraising page was set up in Zane’s honor/honour to help these overworked and determined parents with some of the costs. They also want to become advocates for pool safety. Ensuring your pool is covered, locking your doors, giving your child swimming lessons, proper life vests and making sure your loved ones, baby sitters and friends understand these rules. Tiffany and Sean attest these tips can be life-saving and want to make sure it never happens again.

With every breath, Zane shows hope and promise of recovery. With every response, movement and contact, Zane takes another step to greatness. Click here to help. Most of all, send your prayers, good wishes, and positive thoughts. Zane is a light of inspiration for all of us to overcome the odds and with every breath, we all get a little stronger.  Remember, educate not only yourself, but your family, friends and caregivers on pool and water safety!