Aria Name- The name Aria is beautiful and has only been growing in popularity. This beautiful name has a rich history. Discover all there is to know about the name Aria.

Aria: Name Meaning, Origin, and Popularity

Aria has many meanings depending on the country of origin. Often times with names, different areas would have different meanings and even pronunciations. We have each one. The common theme about this name is each meaning is strong and powerful.



The name Aria has several meanings depending on its origin:

  1. Italian: In Italian, Aria means “air” or “melody,” often associated with the operatic solo piece in music.
  2. Hebrew: In Hebrew, Aria means “lioness.”
  3. Persian: In Persian, Aria (also spelled Arya) means “noble” or “honorable.”
  4. Sanskrit: In Sanskrit, Aria is derived from Arya, meaning “noble” or “honorable.”


Along with the meaning, we found Aria in many different countries of origin. Here are the oldest ones.

  • Italian: The name Aria is derived from the Italian word for air and is related to the musical term used in opera.
  • Hebrew: Aria has roots in Hebrew culture, where it signifies a lioness, symbolizing strength and courage.
  • Persian: In Persian culture, Aria or Arya is an ancient name that denotes nobility and honor.
  • Sanskrit: Aria or Arya in Sanskrit has a similar connotation of nobility and honor, often used in classical texts.


Aria has been growing in popularity in English speaking countries, making some big leaps in the last five years! Here are the trends we have found globally, across the USA and overall:

  • Global: Aria has seen a rise in popularity globally, particularly in English-speaking countries, due to its musical and elegant connotations.
  • United States: Aria has been increasingly popular in the United States. According to the Social Security Administration, Aria has been among the top names for girls in recent years.
  • Trends: The name’s popularity can be attributed to its simplicity, musical association, and appearance in popular culture, including TV shows like “Game of Thrones” with the character Arya Stark.

Popularity Trend in the United States

The name Aria has seen significant growth in popularity over the past decade. It has climbed the ranks in baby name charts and has become a favored choice for many parents.

Recent Rankings:

  • 2010: Ranked around 157th in the U.S.
  • 2020: Entered the top 20, ranking around 19th in the U.S.
  • 2023: Continues to maintain its position within the top 20.

Cultural References

  • Music: The term “aria” is well-known in the world of opera and classical music, referring to a solo vocal piece, often expressive and elaborate.
  • Literature and TV: Aria is also familiar from literature and TV series, particularly with the character Arya Stark from the popular series “Game of Thrones,” contributing to its modern appeal.


Aria is a name with rich cultural significance and diverse meanings across different languages. Its elegant and melodic sound, combined with strong and noble meanings, makes it a popular choice for parents around the world. The name’s rise in popularity reflects its timeless appeal and versatility.

Nicknames for Aria

Nicknames are a kind way to shorten the name of your child. Similarly, they can be an amusing little name that your child’s close family and friends will call them. Here are some popular and creative nicknames for the name Aria:

  1. Ari
  2. Ria
  3. Arie
  4. Ar
  5. A
  6. Ree
  7. Riri
  8. Aria-bear
  9. Airy
  10. Rara

These nicknames offer a mix of short and sweet options, playful variations, and affectionate terms that can suit different personalities and preferences.

Middle Names For Aria Meanings and Origins

A middle name has a tough job! It string the first and last name together. Parents take their time finding a name that flows well and has a meaning that compliments the first name. Here are some of our favorites along with meanings and origins. This will help you make a good choice.

Middle Names for Aria: Meanings and Origins

  1. Aria Grace
    • Meaning: Grace means “elegance” or “blessing.”
    • Origin: Latin origin.
  2. Aria Rose
    • Meaning: Rose, the flower, symbolizes love and beauty.
    • Origin: Latin origin.
  3. Aria Mae
    • Meaning: Mae is often associated with the month of May and means “bitter” or “pearl.”
    • Origin: English variant of the name May.
  4. Aria Elise
    • Meaning: Elise means “pledged to God.”
    • Origin: French diminutive of Elizabeth.
  5. Aria Jade
    • Meaning: Jade is a precious green stone symbolizing wisdom and serenity.
    • Origin: Spanish origin.
  6. Aria Claire
    • Meaning: Claire means “clear” or “bright.”
    • Origin: French origin.
  7. Aria Belle
    • Meaning: Belle means “beautiful.”
    • Origin: French origin.
  8. Aria Louise
    • Meaning: Louise means “renowned warrior.”
    • Origin: French and German origin.
  9. Aria Faye
    • Meaning: Faye means “fairy” or “elf.”
    • Origin: English origin.
  10. Aria Noelle
    • Meaning: Noelle means “Christmas” or “born on Christmas day.”
    • Origin: French origin.
  11. Aria Celeste
    • Meaning: Celeste means “heavenly.”
    • Origin: Latin origin.
  12. Aria Quinn
    • Meaning: Quinn means “wise” or “counsel.”
    • Origin: Irish origin.
  13. Aria Hope
    • Meaning: Hope signifies “optimism” or “faith.”
    • Origin: English origin.
  14. Aria Dawn
    • Meaning: Dawn represents “the first appearance of light” or “daybreak.”
    • Origin: English origin.
  15. Aria Sage
    • Meaning: Sage means “wise” or refers to the aromatic herb.
    • Origin: Latin origin.

Pairing with Aria

These middle names complement Aria by providing a balance of traditional and modern, offering elegance, strength, and meaningful symbolism. Alternatively, if you are looking for another name, try our baby name generator. Change the settings to better suit your needs with ease. Still looking? We have 100 more middle name ideas for Aria!

Girl Sibling Pairing Names With Aria

If Aria has a sister, you may be interested in names that work well together. We have some sibling name pairings for sisters that sound great. Included are their meanings and origins.

Girl Sibling Pairing Names with Aria

  1. Aria and Isla
    • Meaning of Isla: “Island”
    • Origin: Scottish
  2. Aria and Ella
    • Meaning of Ella: “Fairy Maiden”
    • Origin: German
  3. Aria and Mia
    • Meaning of Mia: “Mine” or “Bitter”
    • Origin: Scandinavian, Italian
  4. Aria and Luna
    • Meaning of Luna: “Moon”
    • Origin: Latin
  5. Aria and Zoe
    • Meaning of Zoe: “Life”
    • Origin: Greek
  6. Aria and Chloe
    • Meaning of Chloe: “Blooming” or “Young Green Shoot”
    • Origin: Greek
  7. Aria and Ava
    • Meaning of Ava: “Life” or “Bird”
    • Origin: Latin, German
  8. Aria and Nora
    • Meaning of Nora: “Light”
    • Origin: Irish
  9. Aria and Emma
    • Meaning of Emma: “Universal”
    • Origin: German
  10. Aria and Leah
    • Meaning of Leah: “Weary” or “Meadow”
    • Origin: Hebrew
  11. Aria and Maya
    • Meaning of Maya: “Water” or “Illusion”
    • Origin: Hebrew, Sanskrit
  12. Aria and Lily
    • Meaning of Lily: “Purity” or “Flower”
    • Origin: Latin
  13. Aria and Ruby
    • Meaning of Ruby: “Red Gemstone”
    • Origin: Latin
  14. Aria and Clara
    • Meaning of Clara: “Bright” or “Clear”
    • Origin: Latin
  15. Aria and Stella
    • Meaning of Stella: “Star”
    • Origin: Latin


These names pair well with Aria due to their similar lengths, melodic sounds, and timeless appeal. They each carry beautiful meanings and origins, making them suitable for a harmonious sibling set.

Boy Sibling Pairing Names With Aria

There are a lot of great boy names that pair well with Aria. We want some that have strong meanings that match this name. We have compiled a list of strong boy names that pair well with Aria, along with their meanings and origins:

Boy Sibling Pairing Names with Aria

  1. Aria and Leo
    • Meaning of Leo: “Lion”
    • Origin: Latin
  2. Aria and Ethan
    • Meaning of Ethan: “Strong” or “Firm”
    • Origin: Hebrew
  3. Aria and Liam
    • Meaning of Liam: “Strong-willed Warrior” or “Protector”
    • Origin: Irish
  4. Aria and Noah
    • Meaning of Noah: “Rest” or “Comfort”
    • Origin: Hebrew
  5. Aria and Mason
    • Meaning of Mason: “Stone Worker”
    • Origin: English
  6. Aria and Finn
    • Meaning of Finn: “Fair” or “White”
    • Origin: Irish
  7. Aria and Lucas
    • Meaning of Lucas: “Light-giving” or “Bringer of Light”
    • Origin: Latin
  8. Aria and Owen
    • Meaning of Owen: “Young Warrior” or “Noble”
    • Origin: Welsh
  9. Aria and James
    • Meaning of James: “Supplanter”
    • Origin: Hebrew
  10. Aria and Henry
    • Meaning of Henry: “Ruler of the Household”
    • Origin: German
  11. Aria and Jack
    • Meaning of Jack: “God is Gracious”
    • Origin: English
  12. Aria and Asher
    • Meaning of Asher: “Happy” or “Blessed”
    • Origin: Hebrew
  13. Aria and Caleb
    • Meaning of Caleb: “Faithful” or “Devotion”
    • Origin: Hebrew
  14. Aria and Felix
    • Meaning of Felix: “Happy” or “Fortunate”
    • Origin: Latin
  15. Aria and Miles
    • Meaning of Miles: “Soldier” or “Merciful”
    • Origin: Latin, English


These names pair well with Aria due to their complementary sounds, simplicity, and strong meanings. They offer a harmonious balance and make for a cohesive sibling set.

Similar Names to Aria With Meanings and Origins

If you are looking for something similar to Aria, we have compiled a number of names that include meanings and origins of each! We think you will love these strong girl names.

Similar Names to Aria: Meanings and Origins

  1. Ariana
    • Meaning: “Most Holy”
    • Origin: Greek, Latin
  2. Ariella
    • Meaning: “Lioness of God”
    • Origin: Hebrew
  3. Aurora
    • Meaning: “Dawn”
    • Origin: Latin
  4. Ayla
    • Meaning: “Moonlight” or “Halo”
    • Origin: Hebrew, Turkish
  5. Aurelia
    • Meaning: “Golden”
    • Origin: Latin
  6. Amara
    • Meaning: “Grace” or “Eternal”
    • Origin: Greek, Igbo (Nigerian)
  7. Elara
    • Meaning: A character from Greek mythology; one of Zeus’ lovers
    • Origin: Greek
  8. Arina
    • Meaning: Variant of Irene, meaning “Peace”
    • Origin: Greek, Russian
  9. Anya
    • Meaning: “Grace”
    • Origin: Russian, Hebrew
  10. Alia
    • Meaning: “Exalted” or “Noble”
    • Origin: Arabic
  11. Amaya
    • Meaning: “Night Rain”
    • Origin: Japanese, Basque
  12. Arwen
    • Meaning: “Noble Maiden”
    • Origin: Welsh, literary (J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth)
  13. Adira
    • Meaning: “Strong” or “Noble”
    • Origin: Hebrew
  14. Ariadne
    • Meaning: “Most Holy”
    • Origin: Greek
  15. Anara
    • Meaning: “Pomegranate Flower”
    • Origin: Persian

Similar Names Characteristics

These names share similar sounds, lengths, and melodic qualities with Aria. They also come from a variety of origins, offering rich and diverse meanings, making them excellent alternatives or complementary choices for a sibling set.

Celebrity Names With Aria

There are a number of celebrities and notable people with the name Aria. We have included people who use Aria as a nickname in their work. These are some of the notable people that we have found:

Celebrities Named Aria

  1. Aria Wallace
    • Profession: Actress, Singer, Songwriter
    • Notable Work: Known for her role as Amanda “Mandy” Valdez on the Nickelodeon TV show “iCarly” and her recurring role on “The Bernie Mac Show.”
  2. Aria Curzon
    • Profession: Actress, Voice Actress
    • Notable Work: Known for her voice work as Ducky in “The Land Before Time” series and as the voice of Pebbles Flintstone in “The Flintstones.”
  3. Aria Shahghasemi
    • Profession: Actor
    • Notable Work: Known for his role as Landon Kirby in the TV series “Legacies,” which is part of “The Vampire Diaries” universe.

Celebrities Naming Their Children Aria

  1. Bristol Palin
    • Daughter: Atlee Bay Meyer (originally announced as Aria Bay Meyer before changing to Atlee Bay Meyer)
    • Notable Work: Television personality and public speaker.
  2. Maggie Rizer
    • Daughter: Aria Imazu Paradiso
    • Notable Work: American model and actress, appeared on the covers of numerous fashion magazines.
  3. Lea Salonga
    • Daughter: Nicole Beverly Chien (nickname: Aria)
    • Notable Work: Filipina singer and actress, known for her roles in musical theater and as a Disney Legend for her roles in “Aladdin” and “Mulan.”

These celebrities either bear the name Aria themselves or have chosen it for their children, highlighting its popularity and cultural resonance.