Baby Sleep Guidelines


By: Rochel Ferman


How many of hours does your baby really need??? I know as moms we constantly doubt ourselves and we aren’t sure if our little one is getting enough sleep or too much sleep? Here are some basic total hours of sleep guidelines by age to go by.

*0-3 mos: The beginning first month a baby can sleep anywhere from 16-20 hours of sleep. The second and third month your little one will start to slowly decrease to be 15-16 hours of sleep in the full day.

*3-6 mos: Over these next few months your babies nighttime sleep should become more elongated and your baby will have 3 afternoon naps and 1 long night time sleep, total ranging in 14-15 total in the full day.

*6-9 mos: By now most babies can sleep a long 12 hour stretch through the night and take two afternoon naps, totaling to14-15 hours in the full day.

*9-12 mos: Your baby now sleeps 12 hours at night and takes two afternoon naps anywhere from 1hr to 1.5 hours each, totally 14-15 hours in a full day.

*The minimum amount of nighttime sleep needed from 6 mos and up is 11 hours.

*As your child gets into the toddler years they will consolidate the two naps into one afternoon nap and will sleep anywhere from 11-14 hours total in a day depending on the child.

Just always remember every child is different and there is always a little error for margin everywhere.

Happy Baby Sleeping!