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In our last blog, we showed off some of our fantastic baby shower themes, such as this Fisher Price baby shower and this gender reveal baby shower, among others. (Click here to read if you haven’t already.) Today, we’re taking a look at baby shower decorating ideas and party ideas you can do to make mom’s day even more special. Keep on scrolling for the list!
Bake the perfect baby shower cake.



Evite has assembled an amazing slideshow of baby shower cake ideas here. These are just a couple of the confections featured from Vanilla Bake Shop, but there are plenty of others in all sorts of looks and color schemes. You’re guaranteed to find something that fits your theme!
For a gender reveal party, bake a surprise inside.
Credit: Harrells on Hood


Credit: Harrells on Hood

This is one of the best gender reveal ideas we’ve ever seen! This question-marked cake, from The Harrells on Hood, is decorated on the outside with pink and blue icing. When cut into, pink candies that were hidden in a hole in the middle cake tier spill out onto the platter. It’s a girl!
Make gender reveal cake pops.
via Pinterest


via Pinterest

Bake vanilla cake pops, dyed either pink or blue with food coloring, and cover the outside with a pink and blue shell. When the pops are bitten, the color inside and gender of the child are revealed!
(He)r(she)y bars make great refreshments.
Credit: Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake


Credit: Keep Calm and Have a Cupcake

Here’s an easy idea that’s suitable for a gender reveal party, too. Get a bunch of Hershey’s chocolate bars (or mini chocolate bars) and color in the “He” and “She” on the wrapper with blue and pink. Or, you can color in just the appropriate word, if the gender is already known.
Make pacifier cookies.
Credit: Crafty Cornhusker


Credit: Crafty Cornhusker

We love these cute cookies by Melissa from the Crafty Cornhusker. First, Oreos are dipped into melted chocolate to serve as the base. Then, jelly beans and Life Savers candies are added. A little bit of ribbon through the Life Saver is a great finishing touch.
Create a display of the guests’ baby shower wishes.

Credit: Art Bar Blog


Credit: Art Bar Blog

This baby shower party idea comes from the Art Bar. Every guest receives a paper cutout animal to write a wish for the new baby. Then, all the cutouts get hung up with mini clothespins, on lengths of ribbon. Not only is it something interactive to get the guests involved, but the result is a cute paper wall garland that will complement your party décor!
Prepare a diaper door wreath.
via Indulgy


via Indulgy

Roll up diapers and other baby items, like washcloths and onesies, and hold them in place with ribbon or rubber bands. Then, each item can be tied or rubber banded to a wreath from the craft store.
Make sure the guests are invited in style.

evite baby showerbabyshower9

Dozens of different baby shower invitation designs are available on evite. Girl baby showers, boy baby showers, and neutral baby showers are accounted for, and every one of them looks fantastic.

Which of these party ideas is your favorite? What kind of party ideas should we put together next? Let us know on Twitter @Celebr8Express – we love to hear stories about your celebrations. Be sure to check our Pinterest boards for more party ideas and inspiration, too.

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