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  The lovely Mariana Silva-Buck should not only be our blogger of the month but Mommy of the month too! After moving from Brazil to The USA in 2005, Mariana Silva Buck decided to finish university. After two degrees and finding the job market difficult, she CREATED her own opportunities. She decided to pursue her idea to write a children’s book The Adventures of Zandor which had been on her mind since she was only eleven years old. Her illustrations were done by Marissa Perna. Mariana learned the book publishing process on her own. In her words, “from concept to finished product”. She then had the book published in Brazil and stayed there for three months promoting the book, thus gaining media attention.
The book has received its first independent book award, The B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree and was invited to be a writer for CBP (a luxury online magazine). The book is now getting music! Mariana is working with a music therapist who has created and recorded the song for The Adventures of Zandor. If you thought that was hard, Mariana also had watches made that come with the book. Those watches are also on sale.
From these experiences, Mariana has created Pink Boto Publishing, a self publishing company that will help other authors and make the process smoother for them.
We invite our readers to check out all of Mariana’s adventures on her personal blog: to read for inspiration, knowledge and to learn more about  super momma Mariana.
If you are an aspiring author interested in publishing, take a peek at Pink Blot Publishing

Blogger of the Month: Katherine Adamchick- Rustic City Dweller




Katherine is a Mommy to be, an artist and a blogger in Toronto. This Canadian blogger talks about everything from great restaurants to yummy recipes. She is bursting with ideas and thoughts and it is exciting following her finds across one of the most multi-cultural cities in the world. She has a Thoughts and Confessions section, which has made us laugh, think and sometimes tear up a bit. We love following her through out her pregnancy as she prepares for the big day of Mommy-hood. Katie is the blogger to read if you are looking for creative inspiration, thoughts and musings, recipes, style or project ideas (check out the transformation of the Ikea dresser!) Follow her through her pregnancy. Katie is a seasoned writer, published in many life and style magazines in Canada, but now we find her branching out on her own,  leading us through her creative and multi-tasking lifestyle!


Blogger of the



The Mama Bomb wanted to speak about her life as a new young Momma in her twenties. She had no idea that her creative outlet would get so much love from readers! She loves a deals, savings and interacting with other Moms! Her website is fun, creative, innovative and full of fun and comedy. You’re missing out if you do not visit her this spring!

A little about herself from the Mama Bomb herself!

I started blogging last year because I was dying for a place to document my life as a new, “young” mom.  I’m in my twenties, my husband works long hours, and I wanted– No, needed a creative outlet.  I was absolutely blown away my growing success.  “Whoa, people actually care about things I have to say.”  I know how busy moms are, and I know that we each have different skill sets and talents.  I wanted to create a blog for moms with children under one who could find easy recipes, good deal, and some comedic relief.  I wanted to be the kind of blogger that people responded to and wanted to read while they were nursing or drinking a cup of coffee.  My hope with my new blog was that people who were interested the ways I save my family money or teach/interact with my toddler would have everything in one place and it would spend up their lives.  I know I’ve learned so much from other moms, I just wanted to share some good tips and advice.  Most importantly, I wanted to create a blog that consistently praises the Lord and lets mothers know, we are equals and should not give into “mom guilt.” It wasn’t until I became a mom I even knew such pressures existed for mothers, and I wanted to establish a blog that made people see no one is perfect.  As for a little more about me, I’m a Southern lady living the military wife life in the Midwest.  I have an 18 month old and I’m almost 7 months pregnant!  I’m a stay at home mother, I love photography, and going to the gym.  I’m a sucker for a good coupon and sale pairing, I read a lot, and love to laugh with my friends.  I use my slow cooker a lot, appreciate a good cup of coffee, and I love to make “old” things new.  I’m a blogger at, where I love sharing with other mamas ways to use their time most efficiently, have fun doing it, and always ending the day feeling like the

Lisa Molinaro


There are a lot of Mom blogs out there, ranging from cute to chaotic. However, Fill Your Metaphor is a rare form of well written accounts of being a mother, complete with raw honesty, a genuine theme and and an in depth look at parenting and Motherhood.

What are the changes that happen from first to second child? We watch as Lisa contemplates about her parenting from first to second child. How about diving into the world of baby modelling? Lisa has experienced all of these things and more and shares each of them in her blog.

This blog is going to get big fast, so check out Fill In Your Metaphor today for your Aha! Moments.

Blogger of The Month:Mother Blogger
Twitter: header

This kids are in bed. The day is finally over. Are you looking to grab a glass of wine or your favorite snack and just read? Make your guilty pleasure. It’s ours! We literally laughed out loud at the Panties Are The Devil post. The mother blogger has a potty mouth, tells stories of motherhood like it is and guarantees not only to entertain but to get you to think: I’m not the only one thinking this way!

Other then being a wonderful mother, you should meet The Mother Blogger’s second baby, a 218 page hilarious book called Mother Fumbler a great outtake on Motherhood! It’s a must have!

The Mother Blogger is guaranteed to be your guilty pleasure. Be sure to visit over and over again!


Blogger of The Month:Baby Does NYC


Whether you live in New York City or just want to peer into the life of a parent in the Big Apple, this blog has it all! From product reviews to tips, Baby Does NYC is our blog of the month! They also have a great Parent Ambassador opportunity for all of you bloggers out there.  We also enjoy their NYC Neighbor posts, where they interview interesting Moms and Dads. Check out this blog today for everything Baby in NYC! It’s fantastic and we love it.


In Jak’s words:


Jak Burke is a London-born artist and writer for juvenile sectors. From as long as she could remember she wanted to live in NYC. In 2010 Jak became a permanent resident, it was one of the happiest days of her life. Says Jak: “I love New York City so much and I think it’s one of the best places on earth to raise a family. From 2010 on I decided to create an info hub where brand new parents could find useful NYC-related tips and resources. Baby Does … NYC – a few years later, was the result. Thank you for stopping by and please come back!

Blogger of The Month:

Big Logo for Twitter

profile pic w_dog smaller version is our guilty pleasure! Blogger, newlywed and full time Nanny Shannon Teguh is committed to helping stressed out parents. She has some great tips and tricks on how to stay organized! Not only is Shannon’s blog great, but she does consultations on Skype so parents from around the world can contact her for her expertise!

My name is Shannon Teguh and I’m a newlywed, full time nanny, & founder of; a resource for busy, stressed out parents.  After spending the past 7 years in the homes of several different families I’ve learned many great ways to help moms & dads stay organized.  You can get help via Skype no matter where you live, or get in person assistance in the Los Angeles, California area.  Whether you need a quick chat to fix the holes in your schedule, or need someone to just step in and get those toys organized once and for all, The Guilt Free Parent can help.



#JustWool Collection:

The My DenimArt creation:

and the super soft Organic Kids Style:


Ginkgo life is unique. This children’s label is a fusion of art and style. Located in Lyon, France, the talented Creative head Ingelise has found her inspiration through  a Nordic influence. Ginkgo Life ensures that each piece is organic and meets GOTS standards. Every individual piece is handmade which means every article of clothing is unique and one of a kind! Ginkgo Life also has a denim art collection and a wool clothing line. Your children will be dressed in artistically inspired, unique, organic fashioned forward clothing! Check out the links below to be inspired and get in touch with Ingelise at 

Check out these cute wool jackets on pinterest!! We want one of each!

You can purchase off of her website or below, from some of her other links!





whiterouge2 alilred1 pinkblossom2

Candy Willow is a great Canadian company with some beautiful designs. They specialize in little girls fancy knickers, perfect for your adorable newborn photoshoots. The pictures speak for themselves.  This is a new company, founded in 2013, but we see big things for Candy Willow. Their sizes range from 3 months to 5 years old and are perfect for your teeny tiny fashionista! Owner Sharisse would create these adorable little numbers for her little daughter and receive so many inquires and compliments! It resulted in Candy Willow, a fast growing boutique that ships internationally!


Sharisse is not just the owner of a booming business but a Mom of two who juggles gymnastics classes with her mompreneur duties.

These little knickers are not only an adorable fashion item but a keepsake to save for your daughter to remember how small and fashionable she once was. Candy Willow knickers are a must buy! Gorgeous, yet affordable! We know that they will have an amazing 2014! Visit Candy Willow Today!


Boske Kids

Boske Kids with tagline



Jenny Chavarri is a perfect example of someone who combines many passions into one incredible idea. She was educated at the University of British Columbia in Canada in the School of Business MBA program at UBC with a specialization in Strategic Management & Marketing. She has worked for a fashion manufacturer and consulting firms. She believes in a green lifestyle. On her way on a trip to Peru, she found that this country had not only stylish but high quality, all natural baby and children’s clothes. After the Free Trade Agreement between Canada and Peru in 2009, Jenny combined all of her passions and experience and created Boske Kids, a high quality, natural, imaginative clothing line. In 2011 Boske launches online and in boutiques and in September they were chosen to feature their line at a celebrity event in Los Angeles. Boske combines an environmentally friendly, green, fair trade line, with elegance and class. Not to mention, these are items your child can play in and enjoy!


The clothing sizes range from newborn to six years. Let the pictures speak for themselves! This is one of our favourite  lines we have found!

Baby Bow Tie


Inside tag with logo

Inside tag with logo

This mother’s vision and passion for running her own business created Baby Bow Tie, a fantastic business filled with beautiful, designer bow ties at affordable prices. Kat Armstrong also cares about upcycling. Her amazing packaging can also be used for food storage! She is really thinking green.

family shot with logo

Kat is not only an innovative thinker, but she creates beautiful bow ties for children! Its a keep sake and a great fashion statement for your little guy!

You can pre-order Bow Ties at Neiman Marcus!


If you have not already heard about Baby Bow Tie, then we are sure glad you will know about it now! Owner Kat Armstrong wanted some nice male accessories for her son. When she could not find what she wanted in a variety of colours at an affordable price, she filled that need by creating her own business! (Read more about Kat and her business on March 4th in our exclusive interview. It’s a must read for designers and Mompreneurs alike).

Judy Lichtenstein Designs

Add me on Facebook: Judy Lichtenstein
Find me on Twitter @julichtenstein
Instagram: @Judylichtensein


Judy Lichtenstein has been designing hand made products for over 30 years! From blankets to onsies and beautiful creations for Mom too (check out the silk velvet scarves) . Judy has a fantastic history of seeing her products in high end department stores and boutiques.  When Judy was only twenty three years old Barney’s New York called her to be a part of their store after Barney’s wife received one of her hand made products as a gift! Judy even made  hand painted baby quilts with matching bumpers and dust ruffles that Barney’s gave to Fergie, the Duchess of York for her 2 young daughters as a gift when she was visiting New York.


If you do not live close to one of the many boutiques that Judy Lichtenstein Designs are located, do not worry! Judy makes make custom baby blankets for many stores or personal orders either out of chenille or fleece that is appliquéd  with a whimsical design including a child’s name on it. She also silkscreen onesies that are hand screened. People are welcome to order blankets from her and she can customize to match your needs. If you have special colors you like, that is not a problem!


Judy Lichenstein Designs creates pieces that can be passed down through families. They also make perfect gifts for a Baby Shower or to a good friend or family member. If you are looking for handcrafted, high quality, unique keep sake designs, search no further.



For Two Fitness


For Two Fitness is for the Momma who wants to continue working out and looking great. Their clothes are super soft, flattering and stylish.  Feel good about yourself as you are keeping fit for not only yourself, but your little one who is on their way! Special thanks to our friend Rachel Florio-Urso  at Celebrity Baby Trends for introducing us to this super fashionable line! This is a must have for all those Moms to be who want to work out, feel comfortable and look great!







Neck and Neck




neck and neck

We adore Neck and Neck’s Spring and Summer collection! Me Gusta Neck and Neck! This Spanish collection is now available in the USA and we would like one of everything please!



neck and neck2 neck and neck3

We would post this whole collection, but it would be so many articles. If you love high quality children’s clothing with one of a kind patterns then Neck and Neck is the one and only place for you!

Poe Wovens

poe wovens

Inspired by the rolling acres of Addison County Vermont, American culture and heritage…

poe wovens 1

High Quality Baby (and doll) wraps made in the USA. Poe prides itself on using sustainable business practices and not being trendy.

 poe wovens 2]


Mello and Co

mello and co

Award-Winning Baby Teether!

Nawgum and baby

Mello & Company introduces the all-in-one Nawgum Teether which gives parents a safe and singular option for babies ages 0-24 months.

bella bundles1


Little Cabbage Baby Products

little cabbage logo



Does your baby drool or scratch or bite their fingers? Little Cabbage Baby products has your answer with their safe, waterproof fabrics! Featuring adorable designs, Little Cabbage Baby Mittens keep your child’s skin safe from chapping, biting or scratches!




You Are My Sunshine Boutique

Instagram: @youaremysunshineboutique
TWITTER: Follow me @SeeMe4Bows

A little about me . . .I am a wife and a mommy to two beautiful little girls. Between the months of
August and June, I can be found in a classroom teaching. I love to read and spend time at the beach with my family. I also enjoy getting crafty!IMG_9757_Edited(1)Growing up, my mom always sewed dresses for myself and my sister (before my sister came along, the dresses were for myself and my cabbage patch doll). For as long as I can remember, my mom has hoped and prayed that either my sister or I would take up sewing too.It wasn’t until the birth of my second daughter that I really developed an interest in sewing. I also started to dabble in bow making at the same time. From day one in the hospital, my girls could be seen with a big bow or flower on their head.At the time, we had befriended a wonderful woman, who we referred to as our “bow lady”. I was encouraged by her to make my own bows and headbands. I started out with basic felt flowers on elastic headbands, and then eventually graduated to designing different bows with various ribbons.


In 2012, after receiving a pink slip from my school district, I decided to amp up my bow business. I opened up an Etsy shop, You Are My Sunshines, as well as a Facebook page for my bows. Our “bow lady” also contacted me about taking over her supplies as she was moving on to bigger things. I immediately said yes.I excitedly began to turn my fun hobby into a small business. My pink slip was rescinded, and I became a full-time working mama, with a side business!Due to my time constraints for getting creative, my business really thrives on custom orders. I love working with customers on creating something that they will love! I do my best to make bows to post on my sites to sell, or at the least to give shoppers ideas for what they might like. I am always inspired by my girls: either by a new outfit, an event they have coming up, soccer team colors, or ballet classes.

I make character or theme bows for birthday party favors (Disney princesses, Barbie, Mickey Mouse, etc.). I make bows for all of the holidays, various sports teams, and different events. I recently became inspired to make my own elastic hair bands and headbands for myself and my daughters.I hope to continue to grow my business. Who knows what I will add next!


Eco Chic Baby Teethers


We cannot get enough of Lexy Pexy! These eco chic baby teethers have a line of handmade, organic wooden teethers! Made from Vermont Maple Wood, these teethers are naturally anti-bacterial, non-allergenic and non-toxic, and never painted so it is an ideal alternative to plastic. Don’t worry, they are also non splintering. Now you don’t have to worry about your child ingesting all of those toxic chemicals!


LexyPexy is also manufactured in the United States, so you can count on a good quality product



Each teether is in a fun, adorable design. You can reflect your own unique style into your babies teether!


This is a must have product so make sure you order your teethers today! Pick and choose from many adorable designs.


Click here to purchase today!

Four Jays Handcrafted Leather Bows



Etsy to shop:
Instagram: @fourjaysbows, there I’ll have specials sales and new products coming soon
Facebook: to see new products coming soon and updated pictures

This Louisiana, USA Mommy knows good style! Just check out her finely crafted, handmade bows at her Etsy store! Any little girl would be pleased to have such stylish bows in her hair! Choose from a variety of styles and colours/colors. They are made with pure leather and love, so don’t waste any time and pick up some cute bows for your daughter. They also make the perfect gift for birthdays or Christmas. Yes, we said Christmas!


A Word from Jessica herself:

Jessica Merriman married to Jim with 2 wonderful boys, Jimmy 7,  and Johnny 4. I’m from the country town of Hammond, Louisiana. Only an hour away from the great city New Orleans. I grew up here my whole life and loving the simple country life. I’m a stay at home mom and entrepreneur who loves to cook and craft! I’m also a homeschooler to my boys. I love to keep busy and teach my children how to eat healthy and to love everything that’s around them. Even though I don’t have a little girl to put my bows on, I enjoy making my bows for my only Niece, Olivia, my sisters daughter!
I love leather, leather, leather! I always have! My sister Jackie inspired me to start making leather bows and selling them on Etsy. All my products are hand cut, glued and made to perfection. They are 100% genuine leather and handmade with a lot of love and time. I use various types of leather and glue for a sturdy bow that will last forever. And best of all they will never go out of style.
I started off with just bow clips and soon after I was creating new and more hair accessories. I made a mini version of my large bows and since then they have been my top sellers. My new leather knot bows aren’t to far behind of becoming my most popular. So as of now I make large and mini leather bow clips or headbands. I make Knot leather bow clip, star clips that can be turned into headbands.
 Four Jays Bows is also a finalist for the Martha Stewart Handmade American Awards Style finalist! Vote for Four Jays Leather Bows on September 15, #celebratethemaker. Here’s the link

Baby Dapper Children’s Clothes

Luke Penguin-Lo-Fi
We are love with everything Baby Dapper! This Irish designer is has bright, bold unique prints for baby clothes! Baby Dapper is a designer that cares about their customer. They even do special request designs! We recently saw an adorable Wolverine Onesie sent to a Canadian customer. Custom made! How many designers would do that? To top it off, the prices are affordable and Baby Dapper ships globally.
The colours arrived as bright and bold as stated on the website!Mysterious Onesie-Lo-Fi
We recently got an amazing shipment (see below) of Baby Dapper clothing and as you can clearly see, the colours are as bold and bright as they are on the Baby Dapper website.

The colours arrived as bright and bold as stated on the website!

We give this brand a Baby Spot A plus! This is a must have for your baby or a great gift for someone who is expecting!

Christmas outfits are now available. Yes, we said Christmas!

Chic and Cheeky Accessories:




406A4885 copy

Chic and Cheeky Accessories have the cutest things on line! From hairbows to tutus, these handcrafted items make great keepsakes and gifts! Chic and Cheeky ship across Canada! Parents should order now to get a cute tutu for Halloween so your little one can go as a ballerina. Want to give a new Mom a unique gift?  How about that an adorable bib that is both handy and trendy? Have a photo shoot where you want a headband that will pop in pictures? Chic and Cheeky Accessories is your place for beautiful, finely crafted keepsake items.

406A5056 copy





Angelo knows fashion! this Qatari based business deals with both wholesalers and customers alike! They sell Marmalade and Mash, Bangbang and Hucklebones collections. Angelo insists that they are not only unique and following fashion trends but also being a step ahead of the trends, which is how the business itself was born.


Eco Outfitters
Logo Official Blue Transparency
We love a business that has a commitment to being eco friendly. We were so happy to be introduced to Eco Outfitters, an online Canadian business that specializes in selling high end, gently used children’s clothing. Inspired to commit to ethical consumerism, Eco Outfitters has shown many people not only the love of great fashion finds but to slow down the environmental consequence of buying clothes and throwing them away when they are not needed. The prices are affordable, the clothes are adorable and the sizes go up from 0m- size 14. You can trade in your child’s outgrown clothing and Eco Outfitters Online has some great Referral Rewards. This business deserves not only has a great eye for fashion, but is doing their part in upcycling! You have to check out this website!





Origami Owl Designer

Jamie Bertucci


Jamie sells beautiful, memorable pieces for Moms and children to have as keepsakes! What a wonderful Mother’s Day gift one of her pieces would be! Hint, hint!
We asked Jamie to tell us a bit about herself!
Jamie is the proud mommy of 2 boys and has been happily married for almost 13 years.  When she is not sharing her love for Origami Owl Custom Jewelry with everyone she meets, she is the commercial sales manager & social media rep. for a prominent masonry distributor in New Orleans.  She first became an Independent Designer for Origami Owl in August of 2013, after being introduced to the line of customizeable jewelry at a Jewelry Bar (aka home party).  She was touched by the idea of being able to create a sentimental piece of jewelry and also fell in love with what the company stood for: “To be a force for good. To motivate women of all ages to achieve their goals and reach their dreams.” What started as a way to make extra cash for Christmas blossomed into a passion that has opened the door for her to afford to send her eldest son to the private high school of his dreams!  Jamie is now a Team Leader with Origami Owl and is focused on being a force for good through fundraising for various charities and sharing the Origami Owl opportunity with others.
The extended version of Jamie’s bio can be found here:
 Visit her and order her jewelry today at:


eco colour kids
We love the idea of getting our young children to express themselves through art. Painting is a fun way to bring out the little artist in your child. However, many paints have harmful chemicals and lets face it, many children like to get messy with their paints. supports the arts, but how can we ensure that the paints our child is using are safe for them? We were then introduced to ECOlourKIDS.
Laura is a brilliant Mom who sells these adorable finger paints that have no toxins, no GMOS, no additive and no preservatives. She achieves the bold colours of her paints from powdered fruit and vegetables. She also has a lactose and gluten free version available upon request. We asked Laura to tell us a bit about herself and her wonderful, trusted business!

I am  a single mother to a beautiful boy, who will be two in June. And the paints began due to looking for something safe for him to play with. As I am an artist by trade I was eager to get into experimenting with colours and paints as soon as I could, so I started making my own. I then researched and researched for the best food colouring and flours. ( I don’t use food colouring as such more a powdered vegetable) And luckily enough was able to undertake a Princes Trust Enterprise course that enabled me to become a Princes Trust Supported Business! It is still very early days and I’m working hard on getting my products known, but for now I feel so happy and blessed.

The aim is to have my paints stocked in some of the best stores in London such as Harrods and Selfridges. To supply schools and to change the way art is carried out in schools.
To make arts and crafts more accessible to younger children and children with disabilities and get everyone painting!

Hazard Baby

Me Maisie

“Because babies really should have warning labels!”


“Because babies really should have warning labels!”
Silver Lake, NH 03875


This trendy line is available globally! This makes a great gift for a family. Think Baby Shower or Christmas gifts! We love Hazard Baby’s trendy style and hilarious sayings. This is a must have!

Hanging Shirts

What is Hazard Baby?
Hazard Baby is a warning label clothing line for kids. Just launched this spring from my home in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. We feature 100% soft cotton infant onesies, toddler t-shirts, rompers, and bibs available with 10 different humorous “warning label” designs. All of our clothing is designed by myself and screen printed locally.

New Display

How Did Hazard Baby Start?
Hazard Baby was born at a propane filling station with a rented VW Camper Bus on a family tour of the Utah National Parks in 2011. The warning label on the propane tank asked us to alert an official if we notice an odor. We decided that this warning also applied to babies! We quickly realized that a great many warning and caution signs for equipment and material safety also apply to kids! I soon got to work on designing the Hazard Baby logo and “titles”.
Hazard Baby is the perfect solution for anyone who has ever thought that babies should come with warning labels.


My Background:
Originally from Princeton, NJ, I attended The University of Vermont where I graduated with a degree in Integrated Natural Resources. After four years of working with the US Forest Service, my husband and I started a Country Store/Cider Mill business while my husband, quite accidently, began growing a masonry business. After our first daughter was born, we reevaluated our priorities and sold the store to focus on our new family and the masonry business. Fast forward several years, with my two girls in school, I was beginning to look at my work options when the idea for Hazard Baby came along…


Hazard Baby’s Future:
What’s in store for Hazard Baby’s future? I have already designed 6 more titles that will soon be added to the current ten. More sizes and colors! Not only can we add more sizes to our onesie, toddler, and romper lines, but most of our titles can apply to youths as well. Perhaps even adult sizes are in our future. Cozy sweatshirts, long sleeved onesies & t-shirts, dresses, hats, blankets, and bags. Plus more titles. I am constantly on the lookout for more tasteful “warnings”. The possibilities are endless!
When it comes down to it, I hope my customers have as much fun with their Hazard Baby clothing as I do in designing them.

3 onesiesVery New Shirt Picture

Hazard Baby Social Media Links:
Better yet Visit Us at: or send an email to
Feel free to contact me, Lynn Brown, with any questions about Hazard Baby!

fragile baby3???????????????????????????????

Mary and Kit

mary and kit

mary and kit2

We have always been a fan of unique and rare items. Mary and Kit is a beautiful luxury handmade children’s wear brand in Britain that provides beautiful clothes for your little one. Not only are these stylish, but there are so many pieces that you keep as a keep sake for your children!

mary and kit4


In Mary and Kit’s Words:

Mary and Kit are a luxury handmade children’s wear brand created exclusively in Britain. Only small runs of each item are produced and we use only the finest quality fabrics. There are hints of quirky hand embroidery featured in Mary and Kit’s collections. Our inspiration is taken from various cultural influences, creating clothes that are classic yet have a contemporary edge.

mary and kit3
Mary and Kit, who were said to be “like 2 peas in a pod” were very ordinary sisters who left an extraordinary mark on the world & the people whose lives they touched. We hope to do the same with our brand in their honour.

mary and kit1

Obebe Organics


Website –
Instagram –
Pinterest –
The Team: 
Ennie Lim (Co-Founder/CEO)
Kendra McPhee (co-Founder/CMO)
Ennie and Kendra are not only friends but they are designers, innovators and entrepreneurs! Obebe Organic is a beautiful children’s line of clothing with a twist, their passion for literacy!
These designs are absolutely beautiful and these two lovely women are extremely passionate about providing you with high quality product! Ennie and Kendra are dedicate to organic cotton and educating others of its importance. They have had a very successful campaign. They are on our watch for companies who make a splash in the global child clothing industry. WE ARE IN LOVE WITH ALL OF THEIR  PRODUCTS!!!
Obébé believes Every Child Deserves a Story which is why they started our Book for a Book program benefiting children in under served communities through partnership with the award-winning Bring Me A Book Foundation. For every Signature Set purchased, they will donate a new, quality, hardcover children’s book to a child in need.


Ennie and Kendra met at a wine tasting and instantly clicked over their shared passion for food, wine and a healthy lifestyle.
Ennie, a former women’s apparel designer, started attending friend’s baby showers and realised there was a real need for beautiful baby products in delightful packaging. Deeply involved with the Bring Me A Book Foundation, Ennie wanted to give back in an even bigger way by tying sales of her designs to the foundation.


Kendra was an Early Childhood Educator and the Head of Nutrition Education in Bay Area schools before she began running marketing programs for a healthy fresh food company in San Francisco. She loved the natural & organic space so much that she began consulting for consumer brands before teaming up with Ennie to create Obébé Organic!
These women are successful, beautiful, passionate about charity and their beautiful Obébé Organic. we cannot wait to see what these powerhouses have in store in 2015.




  The lovely Mariana Silva-Buck should not only be our blogger of the month but Mommy of the month too! After moving from Brazil to The USA in 2005, Mariana Silva Buck decided to finish university. After two degrees and finding the job market difficult, she CREATED her own opportunities. She decided to pursue her idea to write a children’s book The Adventures of Zandor which had been on her mind since she was only eleven years old. Her illustrations were done by Marissa Perna. Mariana learned the book publishing process on her own. In her words, “from concept to finished product”. She then had the book published in Brazil and stayed there for three months promoting the book, thus gaining media attention.
The book has received its first independent book award, The B.R.A.G. Medallion Honoree and was invited to be a writer for CBP (a luxury online magazine). The book is now getting music! Mariana is working with a music therapist who has created and recorded the song for The Adventures of Zandor. If you thought that was hard, Mariana also had watches made that come with the book. Those watches are also on sale.
From these experiences, Mariana has created Pink Boto Publishing, a self publishing company that will help other authors and make the process smoother for them.
We invite our readers to check out all of Mariana’s adventures on her personal blog: to read for inspiration, knowledge and to learn more about  super momma Mariana.
If you are an aspiring author interested in publishing, take a peek at Pink Blot Publishing

Mom of The Month: Elaine Kapogines



Elaine is a Mompreneur on the move! She owns The Holistic Parent, a Parenting Magazine geared to unite parents who are practicing or interested in a holistic lifestyle. She is a new mother to one- year old Anastasia. She has been in publishing for over 10 years. Elaine has done it all, from reporter to photographer. She decided to launch her own independent publication, Scrum Canada, a rugby magazine. After its success, she moved on to her new holistic parenting magazine that is available both in print and online. Her first print copies will be distributed at The Growing Up Healthy Show in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada on September 13th. She also is a freelance editor and writer in her “spare time.”

Elaine saw a need for a resource for Holistic parenting in her home town and filled that need with Holistic Parent! Visit  The Holistic Parent Magazine today!

Blogger of The Month:Mrs. ATWWAH
Mrs. ATWWAH and her family are jet setters! From Mexico to the UAE, this family is on the move. This blog is not only about the far off exotic places, but the fun day trips as well! The blog also has hotel reviews, a kids zone for apps, books, games and toys and festivals! This personal approach to world travel with your toddler is a fantastic read for those dreaming of those exotic destinations to families who want to give it a try!
A little about Mrs. ATWWAH:

Aroundtheworldwithahighchair follows London based Mrs ATWWAH and her family of three (soon to be four) on their travels.  The idea for the blog came about after a holiday to France where Master ATWWAH’s highchair literally went along too and they realised having children can make you do things that are fairly crazy.  No matter how easygoing a parent you are, or think you are, taking a child on holiday can bring out the slightly bonkers in anyone.

So, the blog was conceived and shares tales and tips of family travel as well as reassuring people that no matter what they have packed for a family holiday someone else has probably gone one better.

As well as writing the blog, which recently won Best Individual Travel Blog in the UK National Blog Awards, Mrs ATWWAH writes for and is always looking for opportunities to write about family travel.  The day job is in marketing and Mrs ATWWAH has worked on entertainment and travel brands including Merlin Entertainments, ODEON cinemas and UKTV.

She can be contacted at

Althready Sew Sweet

Danielle is our Mom of the month! She has a beautiful shop on Etsy  called Althready Sew Sweet and is a Mom blogger on the search for DIYs, crafts and fun at Sundaes and Spaghetti. Her site is light, fun and she takes beautiful pictures!


For all of our American readers, the Fourth Of July is coming up! How adorable is this double ruffle Fourth Of July skirt?


Travel in style with handmade diaper bag!


This shop even has handmade tutus!


A little about Danielle:

I am a wife and stay at home mom to a beautiful one year old girl named Annabelle.  I love spending time with friends and family, as well as doing anything crafty.


As a first time mom, after having Annabelle I had lots of questions.  While I could always ask my mom or mother  in-law, I didn’t think they would appreciate a 5am call.  As I searched the internet for tips and ideas I came across a few mom blogs (Little Baby Garvin, House of Rose and The Busy Budgeting Mama).  Not only did they give me wonderful ideas, but they also made me laugh.  I found myself checking them for updates and just enjoying reading what they post.  These blogs inspired me to start my blog, Sundaes and Spaghetti.  I figured it would be a good way to keep family up to date on what was going on with us, and it was a good way for me to get my ideas and feelings out there.  Later when Annabelle was diagnosed with brachycephaly and had to wear a helmet, I decided to blog about her journey.   My hope is that that will help others going through similar situations.  Now I try to include recipes, DIY projects and other tips that moms can use to make their lives easier.


As I mentioned earlier, I am a crafter.  This led me to create a diaper clutch/changing pad.  I hated having a changing pad and diapers all mixed up in my diaper bag.  After looking at the changing pad I figured why not make a clutch that folds out to use as a changing pad.  After a few trials I completed one I was happy with.  I posted a picture on Facebook, and a few people said that I should sell them.  I thought about it a bit, and decided to open up my Etsy store Althready Sew Sweet.  I searched Etsy for diaper clutches/changing pads, and while there were quite a few I didn’t see many like mine.  A lot of them seemed to be kind of expensive as well.   I wanted my shop to be affordable so I try to keep my prices low  After opening my store I added tutu’s, and diaper bags to sell.  I will soon be adding highchair tutus to use for birthdays.

Mom of The Month:Rachel Florio-Urso

Celebrity Baby Trends1


Rachel Florio-Urso is the multi tasking Momma we all strive to be! She is, of course, a mother “of 6!”, founder of Celebrity Baby Trends, a website dedicated to bringing parents the hottest looks and also to forecast what products to “look out for” as they hit the market. Many A-list celebrity moms such as Gwen Stefani, Tori Spelling, Katie Holmes, Mariah Carey and/or their reps look to Rachel for wardrobe, gear, toys and trends. She has appeared on endless magazines and shows, including CNN, New York Times and People Magazine. Be sure to continuously check her website for cool giveaways and the latest style!

If you think that is impressive, she is also the CEO of Rachel Florio PR.  Her expertise as an in-demand trend expert has put her finds in the spotlight (think big shows like SEX AND THE CITY) and major publications. Her focus and organization is what keeps her at the top!


Here is what some industry leaders have to say about Rachel…

CNN “Celebrity Baby Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso knows what’s hot for tots and parents.”
Today Show “Celebrity Trend Expert, Rachel Florio-Urso shows us how to dress your little one like a tinseltown tot!”
Babble “10 Mompreneurs Who Made It Big – Rachel of Rachel Florio PR”
PEOPLE “Rachel Florio-Urso is always ahead of the curve when it comes to the hottest baby products on the market.”
Project Nursery “Rachel is on top of the latest and greatest trends in the baby industry, and she’s got the scoop on which items celebrities and their kids are loving.”
Sue Kellogg “Having CBT on Mello & Co’s team is comparable to having Inspector Gadget arms ~ Rachel helps you reach farther, faster, and with a stronger grip. Rachel is up front and center with the loudest voice cheering us on ~ she and her team are priceless”


Website of The Month:
Twitter- @flyingwithbaby


If you have any reservations about flying with your little one, this site is the best to go to for all things flying with baby. This site is committed to making flying as painless as possible. Considering the owner of the site, Carrie, was a flight attendant for over 12 years, we are certain that we are getting the best advice. has advice before you book, before you fly, during the flight and arrival. There is also a lot of extra information for families who have children with special needs. We also like that their is product reviews (what is the best stroller for travel?) for parents to make informed choices. This is the bio of
My Bio
I’m an ex flight attendant and primary teacher.  Now a mummy to a very well traveled toddler,  whose first flight was when I was pregnant and she completed  over 17 flights short, medium and long haul before she was 1.  We have  a new baby due in October, who I can’t wait to take traveling with us… I’m wife to an Australian ( I think those trips count as ultra long haul!) and we own a lovely black labrador..
 I couldn’t find any quick reference guide to everything about flying with a baby,  with all the answers I required in one place, to make ANY flight as painless & easy as possible. So Flying With A  baby was born.  I knew many things from working on  flights which have helped us travel  & others greatly, but some practicalities you learn as parent along the way & earn your badge, or in this case wings. My information is based on personal experience & research to help you. Happy Flying!
Trykes For Children

Tomcat Trikes  – Twitter  – Facebook – YouTube



Tomcat Trikes has changed the face of special needs bicycles. For the young and old alike, these trikes are custom built and distributed globally for those who have special needs but what to ride. Those who would be considered severely disadvantaged are now getting the opportunity to get outside and enjoy riding!  They take into consideration the challenges of each individual and create a custom made trike for that person to enjoy! We love this product and they ship globally. They also make Tomcat chairs as well!

Finely Crafted Dolls

Miss Kiki of Cherry Blossom Lane



miss kiki



Miss Kiki of Cherry Blossom Lane is an Australian boutique designer of petite one of a kind luxury companion dolls. You can collect them for keepsakes or for play for your little one. They are handcrafted by designer Kate Elizabeth and her selected company of artisians. Standing at 25-30cm tall, these beautiful dolls are a perfect companion for your child. They are also environmentally friendly! In the words of Kate Elizabeth:

“To their intricacy, all seams on our thoughtfully created dolls are double stitched, with limbs and main body quadruple stitched. Faces are hand embroidered and all ribbons are hand-stitched in place. Dolls are filled with 100% environmentally friendly sustainable corn fibre. It is 100% biodegradable, compostable, naturally hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and contains a very low flammability rating, so is much safer for little ones. From an environmental perspective, the manufacture of corn fibre equates to less than 60% fossil fuel usage when compared to traditional synthetic polyester fibres, so this is one way of reducing our carbon footprint whilst caring for our children’s future.”


These are must have items for a new Mother, great gifts for your special little girl or boy or just great keepsakes beginning a beautiful tradition of collecting high quality, finely crafted dolls.


Cottage Toys


Facebook: CottageToys:

Twitter: @Cottagetoys1:

Instagram: Cottagetoys

Pinterest: Cottage Toys:


Are you looking for high quality, entertaining toys for your children? has had the pleasure of finding Cottage Toys, a boutique for children’s toys and baby gifts. They have so many unique and educational toys for your little ones! You can start and finish your Christmas shopping right here. Check out Cottage Toys, your source for Christmas and Holiday Shopping!


Wiggly cat

Cottage Toys is a boutique online store specialising in children’s toy and unique baby gifts. Located in the idyllic Suffolk countryside, the country originally started as a craft business creating handmade wooden dolls’ houses. Cottage Toys has since evolved into a successful online boutique selling stylish, high quality children’s toys and baby accessories. Everything that we stock is innovative, practical and chic. All our products have been carefully handpicked and many cannot be found in mainstream or high street stores.

Animal chairs

Deer mobile

Our toys and gifts will delight young children and babies, inspire their imaginations and provide hours of fun and creative play.

Red London bus

Alimrose Audreyisak



Out of The Closet Hangers




Decorate your house in style with Out of The Closet Hangers. Keep your clothes and your closets looking great with this fine brand. We think Out of The Closet Hangers will be perfect for new or expecting parents this holiday season! They would make perfect Baby Shower Gifts or for that parent who wants a beautiful looking closet for their little one. We could post so many pictures to inspire you, but we will control ourselves. These are a must have!!! One of every pattern, please!


Bio:  Linda Honneffer, Out of the Closet Hangers, Acronym OOTCH
I was unhappy with the faux “satin” padded hangers in my closet. I wanted a high-end hanger that was polished and sophisticated! I learned how to sew at an early age and knew I could make a better hanger. I set to work designing a pattern and gathered a selection of beautiful fabrics and ribbons. I gifted my creations to family and friends for Mother’s Day, bridal showers, and baby gifts. The recipients encouraged me to offer them to the public.
My son assisted me with branding and Out of the Closet Hangers was created in 2010. [OOTCH is the acronym of Out of the Closet Hangers]
I’m always on the lookout for different fabrics to create variety and appeal in my shop. I love crisp texture of the organic ribbons I use and feel good about repurposing vintage fabrics that do not have a function any longer in our modern society.
Each hanger is handcrafted, one at a time, to ensure a high quality product.
Practical yet personal ~ I like to think that many of my creations will survive to be passed on to another generation
  For your child who likes to accessorize, Shoeglits are trendy, adorable and bring out your creative child! Shoeglits is the new fashionable accessory for shoes! IShoeglits is a fashionable and functional way to lace up and tighten your sneaks! We love that it is No-tie laces! Easy elasticized shoe accessories with fun, fashion-forward buttons and creative beads! Girls and boys ages 3+ can collect Shoeglits™, change Shoegilts™ in creative ways, or share Shoeglits™ with friends and family!
Make sure you get Shoeglits™ for that special child who wants to stand-out and have fun at the same time!
Free Like Birdie
Free Like Birdie-24in
Free Like Birdie Complete set high resolution
Everyone loves Free Like Birdie! These lightweight, reusable and ecofriendly bags also have a printed packing chart inside (great for families!)  Free Like Birdie is perfect for daily use and family travel (especially holiday travel!) Have your little ones carry in style.

Toto Knits


A fun and funky fashion brand that gives back as it’s created!


Toto Knits is a beautiful line of organic cotton knitwear ethically made by a group of single mothers in Kenya. Looking for organic clothing for a cause? Toto Knits is 100% organic cotton and bio friendly dyes. Each piece is made to order and signed by the knitter who made it. Accessories that give to Anti-Bullying campaigns. What could be better then buying these adorable products and supporting single Mothers in Kenya?






BU helps fund programs that increase social awareness to prevent BULLYING and increase SELF-ESTEEM through fun fashionable socks, belts and bows that will foster the creative, stylish spirit in each of us! A percentage of the proceeds is donated to help fund anti-bullying campaigns.



The Ollie Swaddle
The Ollie Swaddle is designed to decrease fussiness and assist in self calming. Improves quality and duration of sleep for your little one. Named after the owner’s handsome son, Oliver, the Ollie Swaddle is there to help parents give that comforting pressure for their baby. Read Ollie’s story here.
Mayapple Baby
Mayapple Baby designs and brings you exciting, practical and eco-friendly baby products, including feeding, teething, child safety and more.

Their silicone teething toys are unique, stylish, practical and designed for all teething stages.  They are made with German medical-grade silicone; free of plastics, heavy metal, BPA, Phthalates and Nitrosamines.  Stay tuned for more new products this season!


Suri Teething toys is a set of three stylish, nautical or marine-themed teething toys made with 100% medical-grade silicone.Two color sets: Blueberry and Lemon. Each teether is BPA and Phthalates free. Suri Teethers and the ABC sets are featured with multiple teething sites, sensory points and textures designed for all teething phases. Use the toy strap hole for on-the-go teething fun!A fun, fashionable and functional way to lace up and tighten your sneaks! – A wonderfully soft and functional sleep sack designed by a french mother of two with a fashion background, living in California. Made in the USA.One word: Exquisite.





Bella Bundles

Instagram – bellabundlesbaby
Bella Bundles has created reversible bibs, blankets and towel hoodies for the hippest bundle in your life. Our products fit the modern mom who wants style in anything she puts put on her child.


All items are designed with function and comfort in mind. At Bella Bundles our products need to be usable, wearable and practical.




Spelled I LOVE backwards, this clever high end brand is now coming to the USA. Its luxe body and skin care line is fantastic and its sweet baby gift set collections are perfect for any new Mom!




Bada Boum





This wonderfully soft and function sleep sack was designed by a french mother of two with a fashion background who now lives in California. It’s comfortable, safe and kids will love it as much as the adult putting on the all in one garment. Made in The USA!


twiga3 twiga1

Working out and staying fit is important for a long, healthy life. Parents today are concerned about children not getting enough exercise. With the recent style of young girls wearing those signature yoga pants and the plight of parents wanting more active children, Canadian designer Chuck Beatty has a very stylish answer, Twiga Clothing.


As a former designer for LuluLemon,Chuck has created a line of clothing for Women and girls that is customizable, personalized and fully functional!


The Twiga collection includes leggings, shorts, yoga pants, crops, and headbands for both Moms and Daughters. It is made from high quality materials in Canada.   Twiga products are made with care by hand, one at a time, by founder and Toronto-based apparel designer, Chuck Beatty and his team.



Baby Droollery

Etsy shop

Facebook page
Twitter @karenkramer81


FB Banner1 copy

Here at The Baby Spot, we try to help Moms of boys find a variety of accessories and clothing options. Baby Droollery is committed to creating some adorable baby bibs (with great designs for both genders!).

holiday patterns

These bibs have fantastic designs, some are reversible and most of all, your baby stays dry when feasting on his or her yummy meals! Baby Drollery is your source for great bibs!

In Baby Droollery’s Words…


The Vision:

As a new mom to a handsome baby boy, I realized that there aren’t many accessories out there for boys. So with the drool increasing day after day, and outfits getting soaked, I decided to start creating these bandana style drool bibs to help solve all the issues. Now, he is accessorized and dry!!

Corey Stripe

I have been selling these bibs since the end of July 2014. Based on some searching online and looking for these types of bibs for my son, I realized they are hard to find locally, which made creating and making BabyDroollery successful even more of an aspiration for me.  As a teacher by day, I have a creative and outgoing personality which shines through BabyDroollery and has allowed me to be as successful as I have to date.

Corey Halloween

The Product:

Corey Dinosaurs

Bibs are 2 sided so they can be reversible. One side is printed cotton in fun patterns and the other is a flannel for absorption. These bibs are meant to be functional to keep babies dry, as well as fashionable being used as an accessory and accent to an outfit. We spend way too much money on great outfits for our little munchkins, so why cover them up?

Alyssa DotsAria Grey HexVictoria Flowers

Sammy Eve







We love finding the next big thing and we think Sammyeve is a must have for every family! Sammyeve creates luxury art for children. This British Mom is living in Singapore and has taken her graphic design and illustration background and transformed it into an amazing business! She is also a Singapore Mumpreneur Finalist. These luxury art pieces can be an excellent centerpiece to your child’s room and a keepsake for life.


A little bit about me…


I am originally from London but have been living in Singapore for the past 7 years after moving from
Bahrain where I lived for 5 years. After completing my training as a graphic designer at the Chelsea
College of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University and the London College of Printing, I worked in
the commercial branding sector in various design studios in London, through to leading creative teams
in the Middle East and Singapore in large and small agencies. After 15 years in the industry, I knew that
I was ready to do something a little different. Once I had my daughter Sophia, I had a dual mission of
trying to become my own boss yet be able to work from home so that I could spend more time with her. I
had returned to work 6 months after she was born and found it really hard to be away from her especially
because I was working long hours. I would often see her briefly in the morning and then very briefly when
I got home at night if at all. I knew that I could use my design expertise to start something new from home
that would allow me to be closer to my daughter and be more in control of my work hours.

Sammyeve Dino Print

The inspiration behind my business

Samantha & Sophia


I am originally from London but have been living in Singapore for the past 7 years after moving from Bahrain where I lived for 5 years. After completing my training as a graphic designer at the Chelsea College of Art and Design, Nottingham Trent University and the London College of Printing, I worked in the commercial branding sector in various design studios in London, through to leading creative teams in the Middle East and Singapore in large and small agencies. After 15 years in the industry, I knew that I was ready to do something a little different. Once I had my daughter Sophia, I had a dual mission of trying to become my own boss yet be able to work from home so that I could spend more time with her. I had returned to work 6 months after she was born and found it really hard to be away from her especially because I was working long hours. I would often see her briefly in the morning and then very briefly when I got home at night if at all. I knew that I could use my design expertise to start something new from home that would allow me to be closer to my daughter and be more in control of my work hours.
I remember being incredibly touched when we received personalised gifts from friends when Sophia was born and I was blown away by the concept. I had never even considered it as a person without kids but having my own baby made me realise the potential of creating a range of beautiful designs for children. I wanted to produce works of art that combined not only vibrant, fun pictures, but also a high degree of customisation, excellent typography as well as an obsession with high quality production values. I take great care and pride to provide a highly personal and customised service that strives to be unfailingly attentive and accommodating for my customer’s wishes. I try to incorporate something extra special in every print that I do that is personal to that person and the child they are purchasing it for. This could be incorporating a favourite colour, personal quotes and attributes, a favourite animal or even matching it to a nursery’s interior decor. The most important aspect is that the parent or child who is receiving the gift is touched by their unique piece which symbolises a very special moment or person in their life.
Customers approve every design before I print but they aren’t the only ones. A new illustration never goes out the door without first being shown to my daughter Sophia. If she can’t tell what the animal is, or the illustration doesn’t make her smile, then it’s back to the drawing board. I like to call her Sammyeve’s ‘Director of Quality Control, Happiness & Smile Factor’.

Sammyeve Year of the DragonSammyeve Garden Scene – GreenSammyeve I love your type

Everyone will love! Visit and place your order today!!




Photographer of The Month: Mary Jane Howland Photography

mary jane

Location: Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Studio Video:

Mary Jane is not just a photographer, she is a story teller, capturing the wonderful moments between families. She has photographed over 100 weddings and 200 babies. Mary Jane goes out of her way to make sure you feel welcomed in her studio. She ensures you that you do not have to worry about the mess of photographing at your house, come to her studio and get photographed.

mj2 mj1

She is also touched by how many women who has struggled with infertility, eventually come to her studio to be photographed with their brand new baby! It touches us and it touches her when these women have overcame this struggle and now can celebrate the birth of their baby.  She also understands because she is been there herself. Check out her beautiful daughter Lucy growing up!





 Charlie and Violet Photography
Charlie and Violet Photography speaks for itself. Nicole Klein captures the moment of a newborn in the most intimate beautiful light. She photographs all stages of life and we love her family shots. You can’t help but be captivated by her style and essence as a photographer.


A little about Nicole in her words…


After almost 20 years in the design industry and owning my own ad agency, I decided to pursue another passion of mine – photography. After studying with some of the best newborn photographers in the country, I introduced Charlie & Violet Photography to the Twin Cities. I now focus primarily on providing a stellar customer experience to all families looking for artistic newborn, maternity and family photos. When I’m not taking photos, I’m spending time with my husband and two little boys.
Charlie and Violet Photography is located in Minnesota and California! For inquiries, click here.

Photographer of The Month: Carla Elaine Photography

CE Photo_2

CE Photo_4

Vancouver, BC, Canada has taken yet another Baby Spot Best! This time, it is a wonderful photographer! Carla’s passion for capturing those precious moments is shown through her incredible photography. She is our photographer of the month because she knows how to show the tone, mood and story through every photo. She is a Family and Wedding Photographer (this includes maternity shots) and does an incredible job. To contact her for high quality, great photos, click here.


CE photo_1
Carla Hedges is a family & wedding photographer based out of Vancouver, BC.
Her childhood passion for photography was re-ignited after a backpacking trip across Europe.
After returning home she started by documenting her sister’s first pregnancy and a passion for capturing life’s moments quickly began. Carla is humbled that families invite her into their most precious moments and says the best part of the job is witnessing couples turn into loving parents and seeing those tiny newborns grow into feisty toddlers and beyond.
CE Photo_3

CE photo_6




Connecticut, USA is lucky to have one of the most talented family photographers we have ever seen! Melissa Wilson is a brilliant photographer, capturing those little hidden gem moments in every photograph. Melissa is not only a family photographer but a birth photographer. Her birth photography is stunning, inspirational, moving and most of all, powerful. She also has photographed weddings!
It’s so hard to choose, because all of her work is so great, but we could not help but be absolutely moved by her birth photos. She captured those first few breaths of a child’s life so beautifully.
If you are located in NJ, MA, RI and NY, you have to go with Melissa Wilson Photography to capture those precious life moments.

Photographer of The Month: Karla Jacqueline Photography



Toronto, Canada


Karla is a maternity, baby and family photographer just outside of Toronto, Canada. She has a high attention to detail and really captures the essence of the moment with her beautiful photographs. Karla always photographs those perfect moments that turn into memories and keepsakes for every family. Her pictures truly speak for themselves. Visit her page here and start inquiring about those beautiful family Christmas pictures! Yes, this Toronto area photographer books up fast!



Baby Showers Inc







Katherine Kommer plans baby showers and children’s events in New York City! We sat down with this talented Baby Shower event planner to get all the details on what it is like planning such an important event for NYC Moms. Her keen eye for style and design and her passion for planning speaks for itself with these photos. If you’re in NYC and looking for a Baby Shower or a party planner, Baby Showers Inc. is your place for a perfect party!