Moms are too hard on themselves and on each other. How can Fit4Mom help?  We sat down with Lisa Druxman, Ceo and Chief Founding Mom of Fit4Mom!


Why do you think that so many women, particularly Mothers, are so negative about their body image?


I almost wonder how can we not be? We are bombarded at every turn from commercials to social media to see unrealistic, extreme bodies. As small children, we don’t think much of our bodies. We walk around naked without a care in the world. But slowly we start covering up. We start feeling ashamed of rounded bellies or dimpled thighs. We are told by others that we are not good enough


Tell us how the Passion Project Was born.


It has been in my head for years. I have helped thousands of women transform their bodies and rarely do they ever feel they are enough. They always want to get thinner, more toned, etc. So many are healthy. They are strong. They should be appreciating their body. I wanted to figure out how to get that message across.

For over 20 years, you have been transforming women’s bodies. What are some of women’s major challenges to get into shape? 1) Time. We don’t feel like we have enough of it to take care of ourselves 2) Fake food. We live in a processed, packaged fake food world. With things going so fast, it’s the easy choice. It’s virtually impossible to get the body you want if you are eating these fake foods.


Can Fit4Mom be for all ages? Moms and grandmothers working out together?


We are fitness for all stages of motherhood. We do have some grandmas in our Body Back classes. Body Back is high intensity so admittedly it’s not for every body.

How can we change women’s self-perception? Videos like Passion Project and the Dove commercials. We need women to walk proud, be strong and be happy even without their vision of a perfect body. We need more role models that aren’t Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton.


How important is it for a Mother to stay healthy?

Important doesn’t begin to describe it. Moms are everything. They are a catalyst for change. When mom is healthy, her family is healthy. When mom is happy, her family is happy.


How is the Passion Project revolutionizing how women think about themselves and each other?


They are seeing that they aren’t alone. That other women feel bad when they look in the mirror. But hopefully they are also seeing that those same women are beautiful and so are they. We just need to change the lens we are looking through