Baby Gourmet Oatmeal Banana Raisin Review


baby gourmet

Baby Gourmet has just added to their delicious collection of organic baby food. Banana raisin oatmeal is the newest flavor and is an organic wholegrain baby cereal. We love Baby Gourmet Oatmeal flavors so we had to check it out. But what do parents think?

Why Parents Love Baby Gourmet

Parents love the excellent source of iron and B vitamins. It is also dairy free! Easy for your baby to digest, it has no added sugar or salt and no artificial colors or flavors. Parents can rest at ease that their child is getting a nutritious meal!

A baby’s first food is so important. Baby Gourmet promises that all of their products contain NO GMOS. These simple grains with vitamins,minerals and iron are in each spoonful to ensure your baby loves healthy food.

You can also mix the cereal with one of your favorite fruit and veggie blends for even more added nutrition and variety!

Your child deserves healthy food and you can rest assured that Baby Gourmet will be a delicious meal for your child, packed with nutrition!

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About Baby Gourmet- Jen and Jill

Jill, had many years of making baby food prior to Jen’s experience, so it seemed to be a perfect fit to have Jill to join Jen on the journey of Baby Gourmet. They have always shared the same values and had grown up with wholesome, flavourful foods thanks to their parents. It was time to give this gift to other families who are busy but value safe, delicious, yummy food! Since then, they have carried those values and our passion for nutrition with them as they began their journey to share our food with families across the country. They know your babies will love our great tasting, organic baby food as much as their children did.