We have now started our Blogger of The Week post where we feature a Mom or Dad blogger from around the world to our global audience. What does it take to be our blogger of the week?



Simply send us an email at editor@thebabyspot.ca with

-a bio about yourself, how did you get started?

-a hi resolution photo of your blog logo (if you have one)

-a hi resolution photo of yourself

-all of your social media links that you would like our readers to connect to you with!

Simply add us to Twitter , Facebook and Instagram ! It shows us you’re interested in our magazine and showing our audience all about you and your blog. Then, send us an email at editor@thebabyspot.ca. We will check it over and end you a publishing date for our blogger of the week!

So email us and tell us about your blog, you deserve to be featured in front of our global audience!