Blogger of The Week: Cloak Collection

Cloak Collection | Blog
Not only does Cloak Collection sell fantastic clothing for Moms, but they also have an incredible blog that all Moms can relate to.  We loved the post about Hope for New Moms in The US. They also do a lot of charity work with Women In Need. This blog cares about Mothers and knows what they are going through. It also gives back. We are so happy that it is our very first blog of the week.
This blog, along with the company is going to be big in 2016. Just wait!
In Cloak Collection’s Words…
Bio: When Cloak’s Founder, Mara, experienced motherhood for the first time, she quickly realized that her newborn would always come first, often at the expense of herself. Mara created Cloak to simplify lives of nursing mothers as they adjust to their new lifestyle. Cloak’s contemporary looks are designed with breastfeeding functionality without compromising style and comfort. Central to the Cloak mission is the belief that motherhood is a shared experience and community support is vital. The Cloak Journal blog encapsulates these ideals, highlighting the triumphs and tribulations of becoming a mom in today’s world.