Our blogger of the week is Emily from Just Playing House. This is one of our favorite blogs and we feel so thankful that we are allowed to follow Emily on her blogging journey. She is a Strong Mom, a survivor and to us, is a motivator to all parents. There is no doubt her blog will see continued success!


What inspired you to start your blog? My kids are always my inspiration. My Facebook posts centered around them: funny things they said, photos, things we did. People told me I should write a book or start a blog. I used to laugh it off. Secretly I would think about how much fun it would be. Writing was always an interest. When my 3rd child was born last summer, the tough decision was made to leave my career and start over as a stay-at-home mom. Soon after Just Playing House was born. It became a great outlet for writing and maintaining my sanity.


What is your blog about? Just Playing House is a lifestyle parenting blog. One of my top parenting priorities is creating memories with my kids. I love to share the things we do and show others how to easily fit that into a busy schedule. I discuss parenting challenges we face, review products we love, and cover all the ways I try to make our house a home (DIY projects and family activities). The last few months, my blog has shifted a bit to include topics around loss. My 7-year old son unexpectedly passed away this Christmas. Many of my recent blogs talk about how we are surviving such a devastating loss.


What are you passionate about? Personally, I love thrift store shopping and DIY projects. I am also passionate about my family and sharing our experiences to help others. Putting children first and offering ideas to make childhood special. Helping parents find ways to bond over the craziness of raising kids. Given the direction our life has taken, I’ve found a passion for supporting bereaved parents. Focusing on ways their friends and family can better support them and feel more comfortable talking about the loss. I want to bring awareness to the lifelong impact it has on that family, even when the outside world can no longer see it. In a way, help the world better understand a parent’s worst nightmare.     


Where do you see your blog in five years? My long term goal is to build a business around my blog and my writing. I have a dream of publishing a book someday. Currently I am looking for opportunities that will be more charitable in nature and keep the memory of my son alive.


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