Our blogger this week has such a fun blog to read! We feel like we are talking with a good friend and listening to stories. You know a blogger is good when they write so well that you feel at home. From The Isle of Wight, this teacher and unconventional farmer’s wife opens up her home to us so we can see everyday situations through her eyes. Trust us, you get drawn into this blog immediately.


We cringed when we read the Six Week Knees Up post. We think a lot of new Moms can relate to people asking if you’re pregnant when you have just had the baby. We love that she has both product reviews and reviews of places in her area. We think that it really helps put the Isle of Wight on the map to a global community. We have also lived this post, as we sure you may have as well!

Mum On An Island is a witty, fun blog that has us enjoying every post and looking forward to the next one. She is going to be BIG in 2016, so we assure you the best thing to do is to add this blog to your blog roll now, grab a glass of wine and enjoy. mum on an island


In Mom on an Island’s Words…

New blogger here! Presently, I am on maternity leave from the frenzies of secondary school teaching. Now I’m spending far too much time babbling away to my two month old little girl! As a 24 year old, my life often sounds like a whirlwind (career; married; baby,) but the truth is, I live on a chilled little Island in England and it’s pretty quirky. As is my life, much of the time. I began blogging when my friends requested I tell some of the ‘truths’ about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting- partly because they thought I’d make an ‘entertaining parent,’ already being labelled by them as an ‘unconventional farmer’s wife’ (I try really hard to be the welly-wearing, apron-bearing, mud-scrubbing stereotype. Truth is: I burn cakes; kill plants; and am scared of most animals!) However, my blog was read by more than just friends, so I’ve decided to widen my blogging horizons and keep on writing!