Buffalo Fluffalo – You’re great how you are! We love Buffalo Fluffalo, he is all fluff as he tries to bluff the other prarie animals into thinking he is bigger than he looks. However, when he gets drenched, he may realize that he has to change his image, even though he has been “ruffalo” around the edges.

What This Book Is About- Buffalo Fluffalo

Buffalo Fluffalo is a big buff Buffalo who is so tough and wants everyone to know it! Truthfully, the prairie animals just want to be his friend, but this Buffalo just wants you to know that he is stronger than the rest. Unfazed by the possibility of friendship, he goes off to sulk when suddenly, a rain shower douses our tough buff! His fluffy body is drenched, showing a teeny tiny toughalo without the fluff! The other animals comfort him where some words of wisdom are given.

This rhyming book is great for children that are learning to rhyme. It helps them understand description and the love of words. The illustrations by Eric Kraan are genius. You and your children will love it! Author Bess Kalb is one of those rare writers where anything she works on turns to gold. It is no secret that this Emmy-nominated comedy writer and best selling author is talented, but she also brings such a unique and fun way of writing to the world of children’s books. We really cherish this book in our personal library and we want you and your family to do as well!

Extra Credit

Have your child write a rhyme about their favorite prairie animal and draw a beautiful picture to go along with it. Would this animal be friends with Buffalo Fluffalo? Why or why not? Let your child tell you a fantastic story and learn the art of storytelling, illustration and more.