It’s no secret that Cloak Collection has beautiful, contemporary dresses for women. They flatter all shapes and sizes. However, they also address one of the hardest demographics looking for beautiful clothes, the new Mom. So when Rachel Florio-Urso from Celebrity Baby Trends introduced us to Cloak Collection, we had to share it with each one of you!


Cloak Collection insures their clothes are specifically designed to be inclusive of new mothers. Each style has a a simple, easy to use functionality that allows Mom to easily breastfeed her baby.


Cloak Collection was created by a Mom for all women, including Moms. Each garment in their collection is made with bamboo which ensures that your dress is soft and that all of Cloak Collection’s products contain natural anti bacterial properties that area friendly to the environment. Style, comfort, function and sustainability are incorporated into each piece.

Cloak’s garments are mindfully made in the U.S. and proceeds from each purchase will go to support Women in Need.

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