By: Atara Twersky of Curlee Girlee


Dads can do their little girls hair as good as moms can: Here are 8 ways to ensure that Dads styling shines!

1)      Good morning  hair begins with a good nighttime hair- so before bedtime put your daughter’s hair in a ponytail and if she is a curlee girlee, like my little girl, a turban will ensure her curls stay smooth and do not get knotty while she sleeps.

2)      Have the right hair products nearby- this includes a spray bottle, detangler, wide tooth comb and of course: a hair brush

3)      Make sure you have lots of pretty ponytail holders and barrettes in all colors but mostly in pink pink and pink

4)      Wet hair with a spray bottle then spray detangler- never spray the roots, spray only from the neck downwards.

5)      when hair is completely saturated- gently brush or comb, for thicker hair comb is preferable.

6)      If your Child’s hair is straight you can brush it when it is dry, if it is curly NEVER brush unless it is completely wet.

7)      To take out tangles, place one hand close to the scalp and with the other gently pull apart the tangled strands

8)      Finally to ensure your daughter’s hair looks as good as if mommy did it: have a big sister around to help, if you don’t have one-borrow one from your neighbor!