I was always someone who worked. I wanted to be that person who climbed the corporate ladder and felt successful. I was letting other people define me. That all changed when I got pregnant with my little girl. After she was born, I saw the world in a new pair of eyes. What kind of future would she have? What will the world be like for her?


I wanted to make a change.  I believe the average Mom is a working Mom. I love the idea of being a Stay at home Mom but another part of me also wants to have a career for myself and also financially contribute. Many jobs do not cater to the lifestyle of a baby or a preschooler and rightfully so, a company still has to progress and have a reliable worker who can come in eight hours plus a day, five days a week. Unfortunately, that does not fit into the Mommy schedule. So, an option I admire and always wanted to explore was starting my own business. But what? Some of my stay at home mom and dad friends sell make up, candles or even jewelry. I, on the other hand want to start my own social experiment. Can a stay at home mom, just a regular woman with no networking connections, a new baby and a big dreamer, start her own business?


I guess I will begin. I have to come up with a concept, an idea! You all are along for the ride. As I feed my little girl, I can’t help but imagine how amazing it would be to have a successful business to hand down to her when she is older. Its like a financial nest egg, something she can run herself or sell. What an accomplishment that would be for myself and a wonderful gift for her. I am either on the start of a huge journey into something many dream of doing but few try. Or, I am just lost in my thoughts. Only time will tell. One thing I do know, its time to start dreaming and to at least have a business concept before I have these big dreams of grandeur!

Join me as I attempt to balance becoming an entrepreneur with motherhood. A delicate, fragile balance.


With love,