During this holiday season, families love to bond by baking very special holiday treats. From short breads to pies, everyone loves a delicious snack! A great way to get your little ones to participate in a family baking day is to have them decorate their own cookies! Looking for some inspiration to some adorable shapes and designs? Author Julie Anne Hession has the answer with her book : 100 Best Decorated Cookies.


The book itself is divided into two parts. Part one gives you the basics. Hession highlights what equipment you will need (toothpicks, tweezers, wire racks) and gives some yummy cookie dough and icing recipes to be prepared. Part Two is the actual decorating (check page 51 for seasonal cookies). There is also a section dedicated to kids and parties!


Julie Anne Hession shows that with a little creativity, you and your children can prepare the perfect cookie for Christmas, birthdays or themed parties! During this holiday season, getting your children involved  in baking is not only a learning experience, but you are creating memories for your little ones to cherish. Who knows, you may have a future professional baker right in your kitchen!