Disney Princess Glitzi Globes

disney princess

We love crafts with our kids and the perfect craft for parents this spring and summer is the Disney Princess Glitzi Globes! Children as young as five can make their own jewelry and show of their style with this fun and innovative kit!

From necklaces to rings, your children can put their favorite Disney Princesses and characters into a no mess globe maker. Simply take your globe and fill it with water. Add a cube of sparkles for that extra magical effect. Place your favorite figurine and close the no mess globe maker. In just seconds, your child will have a sealed globe with their favorite character or figurine! Place it easily into a necklace, ring or centerpiece. These pieces are so much fun to make, shake and wear!

disney princess3

Our little one dove into this craft and had so much fun picking and choosing their favorite characters and placing them into a sparkly globe!

What we love best: If your child puts their favorite character into a necklace, they can switch their Glitzi Globe into a ring! Switch your globe into different settings as much or as little as your please!

We also love that this craft is so easy to use and that all of your child’s favorite characters are available. It’s stylish yet durable.


If you are looking for the perfect birthday present, just because or a great summer craft with the kids, you have to get Disney Princesses Glitzi Globes today!