By: Jen Bobby


The weather is finally getting beautiful and we are all now able to escape the house for some fresh air at the park. When spring comes I always find it so much easier to get my boys ready and out the door. We are spoiled living here in the West Coast, so we don’t have much to complain about when it comes to the climate but we sure appreciate our sunny dry days.


Our fashion Friday Daddy is my handsome hubby Mike. I had to convince him to be part of this post or bribe Muahaha but I wanted to have him featured because he is
Mike works for Shoppers Drug mart corporate office and during the week is busy in the office and on the road for work. He has to dress in business attire for work but he always adds some personality with some bright coloured dress shirts and fun ties or socks.


On the weekends mike remains busy hanging out with our boys as I work on the weekends. He likes wearing comfortable classic pieces that he doesn’t have to worry about getting baby food on.


Mike is an outdoorsman at heart, he loves jogging and hiking our local trails and catching up on his favorite HBO series in the eve’s.
My boys are lucky to have such a hands on dad and positive role model in their lives. I feel that great daddy’s don’t get enough credit which is why I’m excited about our fashion Friday Daddy Mike!

Mike is a black slim fit suit from Joseph Abboud. His modern fit shirt is from Pronto Uomo. His wool tie is made in Scotland by Ingles Buchan. His black shoes are from Bostonian.
Weston is wearing a blue spring jacket by Molehill mountain equipment. His striped shirt is from Ralph Lauren and his jeans are slim fit from Gap. His rain boots are from Drench.
Oliver is wearing a denim jacket from Levis, his shirt and leggings are from Zara baby and his shoes are converse high tops. His reversible slouch beanie is from Luxe Baby.