Dressed To Deliver

So many Mothers and Moms to be are frustrated with finding the perfect maternity, labour and nursing apparel. Its hard to find something that is both stylish and functional to the needs of a pregnant woman, a Mother to be and a nursing Mom. Dressed to Deliver has heard those Mother’s complaints and has created a fantastic 3 in 1 Birthing Gown that is both stylish and functional for a pregnant woman to a nursing Mom.


The dresses are stylish, with contemporary yet timeless patterns that you will be happy to wear through out your pregnancy and while you are nursing. However, these gowns are so much more than a stylish dress. The dress has access for fetal monitoring, IVs and epidural administration. It also has access for C section incision inspections and healing access.


Skin to skin contact and breast feeding is important to many Mothers. The 3 in 1 Birthing Gown has that in mind for new Mothers as well. Give birth and give your newborn that integral skin to skin contact so you can begin to bond with your baby. Breastfeed with ease as the dress transforms discreetly to help you feed your baby and keep comfortable.


We are so inspired by the 3 in 1 Birthing Gown. We think it allows women to keep their femininity while going through the beautiful stages of pregnancy, birth and Motherhood. Style, elegance, class and most of all, aiding in the bond between Mother and Baby is how we would describe 3 in 1 Birthing Gown. Get one for yourself or buy one for that special Mom to be in your life today! Baby shower season, is right around the corner.