We all want to help the environment as much as we can, but many of our everyday choices hurt the environment rather than help it. From water bottles to the type of wrapped vegetables you buy, every choice you make is going to have an impact. That’s why we encourage you to think outside of the box and get a Drink in the Box.

Drink in the Box is a eco-friendly reusable drink and juice box container. Though it is light, it is also heavy duty, ready to survive your child having lunch at home and at school. Drink in the Box comes in 8 and 12 ounces.

We love this product because it lets children take control of how they get healthy beverages at school without making an impact on the environment. Similarly, we love that it lets you, the parent, take control of the sugar consumption that is in many sugary drinks and juices. Send your child with water or add a few delicious berries (we recommend black berries) for taste. Your child can drink their juice and have a few yummy berries to snack on afterward!

This product has no leaks, comes in various colours/colors and kids love them!

It’s time to shake up your child’s lunch and get a Drink in the Box.