We were delighted to become acquainted with Jellybean Park, located in the Greater Vancouver area of British Columbia, Canada. We are excited to feature everything Jellybean Park in our interview! If you are in the Greater Vancouver Area, please give them a call! If you are a reader from abroad, these are early learning schools that you should keep in mind and look for similar style for high quality learning experiences for your child.

Tell us about Jellybean Park…

Jellybean Park is an Early Learning School based in the Greater Vancouver Area of British Columbia. We were one of the first daycare centres in the Lower Mainland to put in place a learning program in Vancouver, and the program has only grown with the positive response from both parents and their children.

At Jellybean Park, we believe in promoting early childhood development through an immersive environment, our specially development Prodigy Child program, and fun! Our philosophy is focused on creating an atmosphere that encourages “Love, Learning and Leadership.”

Currently, there are two centres located in Burnaby and Langley, and we are location scouting for new centres in Vancouver and the Tri-Cities, so stay tuned!

What are the age ranges of children who can attend Jelly Bean Park?

Jellybean Park’s Burnaby Campus provides full time care and an all-day learning program for children ages 3-5, full day Kindergarten, and Preschool programs.

Jellybean Park’s Langley Campus provides full time care and an all day learning program for children aged infant to 5, Preschool and before and after school care.

Tell us about your exclusive Prodigy Child Program and what it offers…

Laurel Culling founded Jellybean Park in 1988, and with 25+ years of experience in the field, has developed the unique Prodigy Child Program that incorporates aspects of the different learning philosophies behind the ECE, Montessori, and Reggio Emilia approaches. This combination takes the best of all of these philosophies to create a program that captures children’s attention and instills a love of learning in them at a young age, sparking their curiosity with an engaging and exciting learning program.

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The Prodigy Child Program uses interactive circles and activities using various materials to teach our core curriculum, which includes:
Academics: Science, Social Studies and Math
Fine Arts: Drama, Universal Values, Dance, Tae Kwon Do and Chess
Language Arts: Letterland phonics, French and Culture
Montessori: Practical Life & Sensorial Activities
Theme: Daily Theme Circles and Weekly Reggio Emilia Inspired Exploration Time

By providing a strong foundation in these areas our Prodigy Child Program sets children up to be successful after their time at Jellybean Park because they to go on with a love of learning and confidence to excel .
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How do you teach children to excel through the Prodigy Child program?

We don’t believe you need to teach children to excel when it comes to learning; it’s what they do best! We have developed the Prodigy Child program to make all aspects of exciting and engaging through all of the senses. The program is designed to every age group’s developmental level, using materials and activities that are proven in engaging and exciting the children while also teaching them.

Through this, we have found that we don’t have to teach the children to be successful, but rather that children love to learn and it comes natural to them. The Prodigy Program is created knowing that learning is fun!


What kind of programs do you offer?

We offer a variety of different programs to suit the child care needs of parents.

Our full time program is for ages infant-5, it offers the full Prodigy Child program geared to each age group, with academics, fine arts, language arts, Montessori practical life activities and theme scheduled throughout the day and week.

The Preschool program is a condensed Prodigy Child curriculum in 3-hours, focusing on the math, language arts and theme parts of the program and developing social-emotional skills that prepare the children for Kindergarten.

The Kindergarten program is built with the philosophy as the other Prodigy Child programs and meets all of the BC Kindergarten Criteria and is fully transferable to Grade 1 in public and private schools.

Tell us about your before and after school care.

The Jellybean Park Langley Campus offers before and after school care, with transportation to and from several of the schools in the area. The program includes breakfast and an after school snack, homework help, prepared activities, and outdoor time on our castle playground. Jellybean Park also provides care on professional days and summer holidays, with organized day trips and fun activities for the children.


What are the skill-sets that you teach young children?

Our program is designed to build in all areas of child development to prepare them for starting school after Jellybean Park.

The main skill areas we focus on are:

Physical Development
We work on children’s gross motor and fine motor skills through various activities, developing coordination, pincer grip, balance, and agility. We believe the benefits of proper physical development have a huge impact on a child’s health.

Social-Emotional Skills
Children learn to control their behaviours, build interpersonal relationships and their self esteem.

Communication Skills
The most impressive time in a child’s life for the acquisition of vocabulary is from birth to 5 years. We work with the children to build both receptive (listening) and expressive (speaking) language skills.

Critical Thinking Skills
Understanding cause and effect relationships is critical to your child’s development. Our programs encourage children to explore the basis for important problem solving skills.
Children begin to develop in all of these areas in the first 5 years of their lives. So we believe it’s important to take the opportunity to teach children in these important developmental years and give them a foundation in these skills through a learning program.


Do you provide meals? Are they nutritious?

In each of the Jellybean Park Centres, there is a full-time chef that prepares a well-balanced and nutritious daily menu that includes breakfast, lunch and snack. We know that healthy nutrition is essential for the children to have the energy and nutrients they need to learn, grow, and play.

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