A Mommy In Dubai

 Mommy in Dubai – Dubai is one of the world’s most fabulous cities, but have you ever wondered what it was like being a Mommy in Dubai?

A Day In The Life Of A Mommy in Dubai

So here I am, back home in my native country  spending a “cooler summer” than where we presently are living (Dubai, UAE)! I frequently get asked “what is summer like in Dubai?” Hot as HELL! Hot as in 50C+ with a heavy humidity, no wind or slight breeze either. I could best describe it as  a combo of fire mixed with sand.  Or, imagine it like a snowy winter’s day but instead with boiling hot heat, sand, sand and more sand! Sunglasses, which have become a standard accessory living in the desert (like a winter coat) fog up when you leave your house and go outside! Covered with condensation! It’s rather quite funny!  Thank goodness for AC!
If you are spending your summer in as a Mom in Dubai with young children it can be a bit of a challenge to say the least!  It is utterly impossible to even try any outdoor activities due to the high temperature, so imagine if you can…being stuck indoors with your children with a terrible case of  cabin fever for three months straight!  
I have tried swimming in the ocean and the pool during the summer  and I don’t plan on doing it again! It is like being in hot bath of water, no joke!

Lots To Do – Mommy in Dubai

Yes, we  certainly do have the malls (lot’s of them) and they are loaded with tons of activities some that are exclusive and costly. We even have the summer shopping festival where special guests like Barney,  Strawberry Shortcake, Hello Kitty,  puppets and acrobats all make appearances or perform for the youngsters. Lovely yes,  but truth be told…how many times can you drag your kiddies out to a mall?
I am sorry if I sound pretentious,  but having spent the last few summers in Dubai as a Mom with a baby and now two kiddies under the age of three, we decided that spending summer abroad would be wise and practical for us and all of our families!  Many expat families tend to do the same  while living in Dubai. Summer heat is unbearable in the land of sand! 
A Mom in Dubai
 We spent roughly one month at my mother-in-laws in Vienna , Austria during the month of June which was really beautiful.  We were even able to attend a cousin’s wedding while staying in Vienna! On June 30th, we travelled onwards to my hometown of Ontario, Canada, just in time for Canada Day! We celebrated with our traditional strawberry picking, topped off with Newfie Fries to end the day!
 By the time we head back to Dubai in a few weeks time , we will have spent nearly three months here with my parents. I sure am a lucky girl ! Everyone has been  so helpful with the kids, especially with  my little baby boy! I could never have managed a summer alone in Dubai as a Mom, with my two kids and husband who is always away on travels!
We were able to sign up my little girl for Summer Day Camp while staying here. She went for three full days  a week which she loved, but my mom and I loved more as we were able to do or go places we know she would not have liked or enjoyed. Such as quilting, coffee and long talks or lunches at adult restaurants.

 Leaving Dubai to Visit Home

Summer in Ontario, has been nothing but adventurous  and fun! We have visited a ton of great places while on vacation here! St. Jacob’s Farmer’s Market, Springridge Farm, LEGOLAND, Cambridge Butterfly Conservatory, Shrine Circus and  Canada’s Wonderland just  to name a few!
As our summer is coming to an end, I cherish the time we have spent here in Canada along with  glorious summer weather!  I look forward to getting back to our home in Dubai and reuniting with my husband and some alone time. My mother was in Dubai from February to April looking after me, my family and house while I was going through a difficult and extremely worrisome  pregnancy. Then my MIL was with us from April to June! Skype is a great resource, but there is nothing like being with a loved one in person!
Now, the only thing that is starting to worry me is that I will be all alone with two kiddies on a 14 hour flight when we fly back to Dubai! Perhaps I should share my flying adventures (or soon to be nightmare) with you this month! That is, if I survive it… 

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