We have teamed up with our dear friend and colleague Momma Braga to get you excited for our Glitter Jar Challenge with the Esme & Roy Show on Treehouse.

Esme & Roy is a wonderful show that was produced in partnership with Sesame Workshop. It premiered in August and the Baby Spot and Momma Braga are big fans!

Esme &Roy is about a young girl and her best monster friend Roy going through adventures as the best monster babysitters in Monsterdale. Children love the characters and the challenges they face but Esme &Roy is more than a great show. It gives easy to adopt strategies to help young children regulate their emotions. Take slow belly breaths, self-talk giving oneself a soothing hug and most of all using a glitter jar to calm the body.

Since most children have started or are about to start their new school year, there can be many stressors that trigger a child. From bullying to a new school, children can find themselves angry, alone or feeling stressed. That’s why we CHALLENGE you and YOUR Family to The Baby Spot and Momma Braga’s ESME & ROY’s GLITTER JAR CHALLENGE!

This is a fun after school project to do with your children to not only celebrate this fabulous show, but to introduce and promote healthy self-strategies to help stay calm and cool when things do not go our way. It lets children know that their feelings matter and to be open and talk about what is going on at school, extracurricular activities and at home.

Check out when Momma Braga did the Glitter Jar Challenge with her daughter, Nikki. They had so much fun!

Below is your ingredients (this is so easy and inexpensive to make), the coveted Glitter Jar Song and the instructions on how to make your very own glitter jar!

We then want you to take a picture of your #glitterjarchallenge tag us at #ESME&ROY and #treehousetv. We will retweet all of them! Let’s spread some love, calm and kindness to our children as they are beginning the first few weeks of school.


So have fun bonding with the family with this fun and easy to make challenge and be sure to share with us your beautiful glitter jars!


What You Need


Jar with a top that can seal


Food Coloring/Colouring

Clear glue

Hot Water

Stir Stick


1.Pour clear glue into the jar until it fills up to about ¼. 2. Slowly pour hot water until the liquid reaches ¾ of the jar.

3. Add as much glitter as you would like and stir using the stir stick

4. Add more hot water to bring the water level to just below the top of the jar.

5. Add 1-2 drops of food colouring and stir using a stir stick

6. Twist on the lid and give your jar a shake! Be sure to sing the Glitter Jar Song as you watch the glitter swirl and fall!

























Glitter Jar Song


When the glitter starts to fall like snow-

Take a deep breath, nice and slow-

Watch as it settles all around-

And feel your body calming down