The Facts About Your New Favorite Cleaner…

Looking for a sports cleaner that will clean your son’s or daughter’s uniform? It’s hard to find. It’s even more difficult to find one that is environmentally friendly. We have been searching and searching, until we found ESPRO.

ESPRO gets out all sorts of hard to get out stains, from blood to mud.  ESPRO ensures not to use harmful chemicals. It does not have bleach, butyl or phosphates. There is also no chlorinated, petroleum or other ozone depleting solvents.  ESPRO also is used as an odor eater! Simply spray and let the product air dry! From athletic uniforms to pads, shoes to gloves, its time for your children to feel fresh when they want to play and focus on what is important, THE GAME, not the odor. Stains are gone with just a modest amount of the formula onto the stain. Place in the washer with your detergent and wait, the stain will be gone! It is safe on all colors since it does not contain bleach. Keep your colors bright while

ESPRO is also safe on all fabrics and is safe to use on leather upholstery and clothing!

If you are like us, you have children and pets running on your carpet. Feel free to use ESPRO as a safe carpet cleaner. You don’t need to be reminded of your child’s amazing game by looking at a mess on your carpet!


The Vision of ESPRO…

While coaching high school football, ESPRO Founder and President Steve Dean saw a problem that needed an immediate and long-term solution. As his players huddled up in practices and games over the years, he noticed each grass, dirt and blood stain on every uniform and began to formulate his own game plan of how to tackle this issue.
Thus, in May of 2008, Steve and his team of chemists developed ESPRO SPORTS CLEANER with Odor-Guard to address this problem of getting out the difficult stains associated with rugged outdoor competition. Equipment managers and sports moms all agreed that getting out tough stains like grass, red clay, dirt, blood, field paint, sweat stains, and bad odors was almost an impossible task. ESPRO not only removes the stains, it is people & pet friendly, safe to use on all fabrics and is environmentally friendly. We are proud to claim that over 100 college and pro equipment managers, including several MLB teams, now consider ESPRO their primary pre-spot stain remover.
ESPRO SPORTS CLEANER not only is ideal to use on athletic uniforms and sports gear but it is also a great multi-purpose stain remover. It truly is the only stain remover you need around the house, fantastic for food stains, pet stains, carpet stains, furniture, car upholstery, hunting stains, blood, even tile floors. ESPRO is making a huge difference in the laundry rooms of homes and athletic facilities all over America. Finally, a product that really works, one that cuts laundry time in half and prolongs the life of uniforms and everyday apparel. Visit to learn more about ESPRO and where it can be purchased.

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