How To Stop Temper Tantrums !

Anyone out there that has a toddler knows about tantrums and also knows when that bomb goes off; it’s a whole other side of your child that you didn’t even know existed until they hit toddlerhood! So the million-dollar question I have been asked recently is how to avoid them and deal with them. How to stop temper tantrums? First let’s touch on how to avoid them and in order to do that, let’s learn about why tantrums happen.

Frustration Tantrum

  • Frustration Tantrum: Toddlers are full of all kinds of frustration from not having the words to describe what they need or want to not being able to do a challenging physical activity. As adults we get frustration but we have the ability to use our words and think rationally. Toddlers are all about emotion and most don’t have the words so they are unable to tell you what they need and how they feel. This is extremely frustrating to them causes them to have a tantrum anytime. So what can we do? Dr. Harvey Karp has a great DVD called Happiest Toddler on the Block, which really helps explain and understand how to deal with toddlers. He says toddlers are like cavemen acting in emotion and not having the words to explain, so as parents we need to get to their level physically, mirror their emotions by a third and repeat what they say. After they have calmed down then explain why and give another option using simple language. If this is practiced with younger toddlers it works extremely well. Just letting them know that you know how they feel will make them feel better as a whole. Everyone just wants to be understood when he or she are upset, even as adults.

Exhausted Tantrums

  • Exhausted Tantrums: Yes we have all been here; it’s just before nap time or later in the day just before dinner and your child has hit an exhaustion wall. Tired tantrums can be avoided if you child is napping and sleeping well at night. A child that naps and sleeps well at night has fewer tantrums all together. Even with appropriate sleep they can hit this wall so choose the correct timing to bring your children out. If your child naps at 1pm and you are invited to a lunch at 1230pm that is probably not a good time to go. They will be tired and you have a greater chance of them having a tantrum. So just choose your times for your outings wisely.

Hungry Tantrums

  • Hungry Tantrums: Nobody is pleasant when they are hungry. I know I am not a pleasant person to be around, my husband will vouch for that! Haha! Toddlers they need to eat often. Healthy well balance meals and healthy snacks will make them feel much better! So keep some snacks in the car or in your purse with a bottle of water for when you are on the run. Food can turn their frown upside down!

The most important thing we need to remember about tantrums is it is better to think ahead and avoid them then be stuck in one. So make sure your child has good sleep, food, and plan around what their needs are with sleeping and eating. When you are in a tantrum show them you understand their frustration and feelings, let them know they are heard. Some extra cuddles and hugs always seem to help too :).

Happy Mommying!

Originally posted on Make My Baby Smile