Is Your Family Over-Scheduled? How to Find More Time to Spend Together

It is hard to spend time with your family when everyone has a busy schedule. The lack of time and communication may weaken your relationship over time. The good news is schedules can be rearranged to include more family time. Ho to find more time to spend together? Use the following tips to help your family spend more time together.

Limit the Extra Activities for Each Family Member

There is not enough time to bond when every family member is participating in several clubs, classes and teams. Everyone is constantly rushing to the next activity, and they are not making time for anything more than small talk. Create more family time by limiting each member to one extra activity per week. This gives you more time to focus on building your family relationships.

Plan a Family Activity Every Week

Plan a weekly routine that ensures your family spends at least one night of the week together. One idea is to contact a pizza delivery service so that your family can have a pizza and movie night. Remember, you are spending your family night together without friends, work or extra activities. A routine with one family activity is something everyone can look forward to each week.

Leave Room to Add to Your Schedule

It is hard to add a family activity to your schedule when your calendar is full. When creating your monthly schedule, leave plenty of room to add on family activities. One idea is to limit the number of activities you schedule per week or month. The gaps allow you to add last minute activities to your schedule, such as a trip to the zoo or bowling alley. You can always add an important errand or activity to your schedule later.

Schedule a Short Break with Your Family

A few extra minutes in your schedule can make a big difference to your family. Schedule a break time that allows everyone to spend 15 to 30 minutes just catching up. You can take sporadic or scheduled breaks, but make sure break time becomes a part of the family routine. If everyone is too busy for a break, make a pact to wake up 15 minutes early to enjoy breakfast together.

You do not want a busy schedule to put a strain on your family relationships. The schedule that seems so important can be moved around to accommodate your family time. The key is to create a routine that allows your family to spend more time together.