The Little Star

According to a recent Save the Children report, one million newborns around the world die each year on their first and only day of life. Millions of families are trying to understand how to support themselves and each other during this tragic time and understand why they have lost their precious babies.

Authors Kay Moorby and Mike Hendy have created an important book, The Little Star. This book talks about an exciting day, a new star is coming to the Star family! However, Little Star does not make it and the friends in the ocean have to come to terms with this.

the little star

The lessons in the book and explanations in the book are easy to understand for children. The illustrations are innocent and tasteful but they do not hide away from what has happened. There are questions at the end of the book to not only have your child read the story but understand what has happened. To be honest, this easy to understand book is powerful and it is great for adults too. Sometimes a children’s book can be the comfort that both a child and an adult need. This book exudes that power and gives strength back to the family during adversity.

Whether your family has suffered a tragic loss of a baby or you know a family who has, this book should be on your child’s book shelf. We love The Little Star and we recommend it to all families.  Find peace with your little star.