We can all agree we want what is best for our children. Our children are individuals and require certain aid that a modern education system cannot provide.  Author James L Casale challenges YOU, the parent, to be the solution.

This comprehensive book teaches parents how to take a more proactive approach to their child’s education. With over fifty years of experience, Casale has a chapter on everything from ‘How Your Child is Doing in School’ to ‘Safety and Security.’

We enjoyed the Safety and Security chapter a lot. We find that many parents are constantly concerned with their child’s safety and security. This book assures you as a parent, what you should do to educate your child on the safety and security in your child’s school. Who volunteers at my child’s school? Where are the first responders in proximity to the school. Casale also provides a list of important resources.

wise up

The second half of the book is very interesting. It provides letters written to the author about common problems and challenges parents face with their children. Casale goes to great lengths to explain the details on how to overcome these challenges. Parents will read each section and realize that they are not alone in their concerns and learn more about how the school system operates. Even though you may not encounter every challenge, it’s great to have the knowledge on how to solve each challenge and what resources your school will and will not offer.

This book restores confidence in the parent to take an active approach to your child’s schooling and excellence.  To Buy Wise Up and Be The Solution, click here.