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There’s just something about a pinwheel. They’ve been around for almost 200 years, delighting children for generations. It’s a simple wheel of paper curls, attached at its axle by a pin to the top of a stick, but there’s a brilliance to its simplicity. Just a small gust of wind, or even a forceful breath, is all it takes to make the wheel spin and provide a small child with a reason to smile, laugh and giggle for hours on end.  For generations, a child’s first experience blowing on a pinwheel has always been one of utter joy.

We wanted to replicate that joy, so we designed our Pinwheel First Birthday themes, one for girls and one for boys.


Party Packs

Get every thing you see above in our girls and boys party packs, with plates, cups and napkins, as well as balloons, streamers and invitations. It’s more than enough to give your party design a great head start, and before long, you’ll be well on your way to something like this:

Pinwheel Girls First Bday_LS

New Version


Our themed tablecovers, in pink and blue, provide a fantastic foundation to build on, with many decoration options for you to include if you so choose.


Get our awesome girl or boy Pinwheel balloon bouquets, featuring themed foil balloons and latex balloons in matching colors. And add a giant “1” balloon to your bouquet, available in blue or pink.

High Chairs

A tradition at most first birthdays is to decorate the child’s high chair for the big event, and we have great kits, for boys or girls, that will help you do just that.

Boys High Chair

Get a crown for your little prince or princess, and a bib in blue or pink, so that the birthday cake doesn’t get all over their cute birthday outfit!  To minimize spillage while still celebrating that special day, grab one of our first birthday sippy cups available for boys or girls.

Pinwheel Boy 1st_LS (14)

A customizable birthday banner for your boy or girl can tie the whole room together.  Make our pinatas (in blue or pink) the centerpiece of your decoration scheme. Unless, of course, you’d rather make a centerpiece the centerpiece of your decoration scheme!

Centerpiece Collage

Here you can see what our great table centerpieces look like in both variants — for boys on the left, and for girls on the right.

Pinwheel Boy 1st_LS (11)

We have cute polka dot favor boxes in both blue and pink, as well as these very cute treat bags that match either theme, boys or girls.

Pinwheel Boy 1st_LS (9)

Quick tip: Sixlet chocolate candies are available in a huge variety of colors, and we’ve got them all. You’re sure to find yummy candy that matches your decor.

Pinwheel Girls First Bday_LS (7)

For our girl’s party design, we placed our treat bags in a basket we found at the craft store, then dressed it up with a lavender tutu. Adorable. That cake in the photo above is intended for the adult guests at the party, with candy daisies and swirled pink frosting. But if you’re looking for a cake idea for the birthday boy or girl, look no further.


These layer cakes, perfect for smashing, have been topped with makeshift pinwheel, made out of a paper straw and a cutout taken from these hanging swirl decorations. A great tip for putting together your party is to re-purpose decorations and use them in creative ways.

These mini cakes are made by “re-purposing” two bottom cupcake halves together with frosting. Super cute and super tasty!

Treats 2

And speaking of tasty, frosting isn’t just for cakes anymore. Try spreading some on snickerdoodles or simple sugar cookies for extra sweetness.

If you’re looking for something maybe a little more on the healthy side, why not try our Melon Ball Kabobs? These are cut out of cantaloupe and honeydew melon with small cookie cutters and stuck on wooden skewers.


Cookie cutters are a wonder. They can be used to turn boring snacks into something truly special.  Case in point, these “1” shaped Rice Krispy treats with blue and pink glitter sprinkles!

Krispy Treats

Also, we turned PB & J sandwiches into stars and princess crowns!


We topped them off with toothpick scepters, made from glittery puff balls we got at the craft store.

Pinwheel Girls First Bday_LS (12)

These are white fudge-dipped pretzel rods, dusted with sprinkles from the baking aisle at the craft store. So easy! Then we displayed them in these ultra-cute pink polka-dot popcorn boxes.

If you want to offer some munchies that are perfect for tiny hands, try these mini-cereal bowls, served in these adorable cupcake cups.

Cereal Cups

Click here to see our Boys First Birthday Pinwheel themed party supplies!

Click here to see our Girls Version!

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