First Time in Australia: Tips for a Perfect Family Holiday

This time of year isn’t when people tend to travel: since Christmas is coming, they prefer to plan their meals and presents for their loved ones. Yet, there are those who prefer to escape cold weather and snow and go somewhere else. If you’re planning a family trip, then you’re already of all the challenges. Therefore, it’s always better to travel to a country where English is the main language because no one wants to speak in broken English while their screaming kids demand another dessert. So, all things considered, the only place that fits these criteria is Australia. When you think about it, it all fits: Australia seasons are at the opposite of those in the Northern hemisphere, which makes it warm there, so here are some tips for a perfect family trip to Australia:

Find a way to arrive safely and timely

Before you start packing, it’s important to get all the relevant information. Traveling with kids isn’t the same as traveling solo or with a partner, so you have to be extra careful. First, no matter where you come from, chances are you’ll be flying for a long time, so it’s necessary to prepare your kids for all those hours inside the plane. If possible, choose a flight with a stopover so you and your family will have an opportunity to refresh and get some rest. Additionally, bring some melatonin (or any other non-harmful sleeping aid) so you’ll be able to deal with jet-lag quite efficiently.

Plan your time there so your kids will have fun


Australia is a big place so you’ll need time to explore everything. Now, with kids in tow, you can’t exactly go to museums, galleries, and nightclubs, so it’s crucial to plan your time in a way that will be entertaining for everyone. That’s why Australian wildlife is a perfect way to spend time there: children love animals, and Australia has plenty of them that can’t be found elsewhere — kangaroos, koalas, and wombats, just to name a few. Whether you opt for a zoo or a wildlife sanctuary, it’s important to check beforehand which animals can be touched and fed, so no one will get bitten. Seeing animals will surely be entertaining for children and parents alike. Additionally, there are a lot of water parks, swimming pools, beaches, and playgrounds so there’s an unlikely chance your children will be bored!

Consider driving to get more comfort and mobility

Taking a family trip requires more planning so, instead of going with a group, it’s much practical to consider driving your own vehicle. Now, since it’s impossible to drive to Australia, you should consider getting a car hire from Gold Coast airport because that’s the quickest way to arrive at your accommodation. Taking a bus, train or taxi might seem convenient at first, but driving a rental means you have all the freedom to choose your own route and place all your luggage in a way that works for you. Aside from that, driving around the country can help you learn about it while being able to make stops whenever you please. Plus, there’s nothing better than being able to plan your own trip without being dependent on the rest of the group and a tour guide. Also, there are options to rent a kid’s car seat, so you can be sure that your little one is safe in a car.

Make sure everyone is safe from the potential threats

Australia is generally a safe country so there’s no need to be worried, but still, some measures of precaution won’t hurt. Since winter in the Northern hemisphere means summer in Australia, bringing an SPF50 sunscreen is a must, together with a pair of shades and a hat. If you plan to stay outdoor for morning till evening, it’s advisable to have a shirt or a light cardigan with long sleeves, especially if you tend to burn easily. Besides this, you should make sure to get travel health insurance for you and the kids and don’t forget to pack an emergency bag that should contain the most important pills and meds such as painkillers, cold medicine, vitamins, and band-aids.


Traveling to Australia for the first time is definitely an exciting experience, especially when you add kids to the mix. So, being organized, knowing how to plan and compromise will make sure you have a wonderful trip. Still, always make sure to keep everyone safe, and never do things that seem suspicious or too good to be true. When you know how to keep yourself (and your kids) safe, then you’ll be able to relax and have a great time in Australia.

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