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When I heard that Jaime Windle, author of Blowing Kisses was releasing another children’s book, I was very excited! I was intrigued to see what she would write about next and she didn’t disappoint with her next topic. Jaime’s second book is titled, Fist Bumps and illustrated by Elisa Moriconi.

Fist bumps introduces the concept of fist bumps to children with a twist. Jaime has beautifully written about how fun fist bumps can be and used as a kind gesture to anyone. This gesture can be to say hello, good-bye and as a way to celebrate something special like a winning goal. The best part is the twist which is a technique where your fist bump can turn into an explosion – so fun!

Nikki and I give this book five fist bumps out of five. The story flows really well and it is an easy read. The illustrations articulate the story beautifully with the colourful pictures and characters.

We had a lot of fun reading this book and now my daughter only wants to be read this book as we get to do fist bumps through the whole story. We both couldn’t help but giggle as we made our fist bumps explode and there is no better family time then sharing laughter with one another.

We love fist bumps as it helps me teach another hello method to my daughter and it does not require hugging which at times can feel like an invasion of personal space. Also less germs are passed around this way so to me this is a win-win teaching opportunity and did I mention fun! 😉

When I asked Jaime what inspired her to write about Fist Bumps, she said, “I wrote Fist Bumps for my son. He wanted to make a book for him (Blowing Kisses was for my daughter) and when I asked him what it should be about he suggested High Fives or Fist Bumps. After playing a few “high five” and “fist bump” rhyming games, Fist Bumps was born.” This is so sweet for Jaime to do and in the book under “About the Author,” it states that this is her second children’s book and “brother” book to her first, Blowing Kisses. Love that! In case you missed our review on Blowing Kisses, make sure to check it out here.

I would like to personally thank Jaime Windle for sending us her beautiful book and for taking the time to autograph it for us as we will treasure it for life!

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– Momma Braga

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