Grammy nominated singer songwriter, photographer, documentarian and philanthropist Julian Lennon wants your child go receive the most precious gift, a white feather. In his children’s book, ‘Touch The Earth’, the white feather symbolizes giving life and your children will learn the importance of the world around them.

Along with international best selling author of novels and non fiction books, Bart Davis, this beautiful story is a woven tapestry of metaphor and meaning and teaching your children to be active in the world around them. Children as young as three years old will be introduced to an airplane that has feather wings, whose name is White Feather Flier. The book is interactive, encouraging children to point out important things like where they live on Earth and also to press “buttons” to help irrigate deserts and to help White Feather Flier take off into the sky. Children will love the interaction but learn about how precious our natural resources are.

Julian’s father John, lovingly shared with him that if he was to ever die, that he would come to him in the form of a white feather. Years later, a white feather was presented to Julian by an Aboriginal tribal leader elder of the Mirning people seeking help for her tribe.

Julian believes the lovable White Feather Flier will teach children about saving the environment, and helping children understand and take action to keep their precious planet healthy.

This lyrical story, coupled with the whimsical drawings of Smiljana Coh make this a must have for any library. Have open discussions with your children and encourage them to come up with creative ways to help their community as the White Feather Flier taught them to help their earth. You will be raising little humanitarians and socially conscious individuals.

Lennon makes sure that he created a beautiful explanation to a concept that many people find so difficult. Our Earth is all we have, so read this book today and teach your children how precious it truly is.