5reasonsI'mhatebeingsickFive Reasons this mom hates getting sick!

When’s it your time, it sucks.  I’ve been laid out sick the multiple times this flu season and of course when you love to write, you incorporate that into something to share with other sick people.  So I grabbed my Iphone and thought away in a state of medicated delusion in bed.

1.  “My baby is sick, I must go” reads I wish my mom were here.

Lets face it.  I internally cry like an a$$hole when I’m sick and whine that anything needs to be done.  All I can think about is my mother.  She will bring me a zillion boxes of whatever she has at home to fix what might be sucker punching me in the health department.  She will go to the food store and buy out all the chicken noodle soup they have to make sure I have enough and will break into her Costco stash of tissues.   .  I don’t care if I’m 4(blahblahblah) years old.  I want my mommy!  Being that we are not living in the same state, the struggle is really real.

2.  My kitchen is a clean hot mess.

My husband and child.  Bless their heart.  Really.  This family unit of mine are actually quite wonderful.  They try.  Scooting me off to bed when I try to rev what little engine I have left to make them dinner.  We got it, don’t worry about a thing, they say.  Nodding, I stumble back to my pillows and blanket and retreat back into a fetal position.

I. forget.every.time.

Typically, after the Coldflupalooza I get that feeling when I walk into my super duper clean kitchen.  My spidey senses go off.  Somethings not right. As I go about my routine making this, doing that in my kitchen, it hits me.  Why can’t I find my cutting board? Why is the Tupperware in whatever cabinet door happens to be open by the Put-er Away-er. Hello, stray cup hiding with the dinner plates…scared why no one else looks like it.  I’m here.  We will reset.  Sigh.

3. Zero Strength.

I need a shower, I want a shower.  Bad. but it’s so exhausting just to think about it.  I’m staring at the shower from my bed but it requires too many of my muscles to move, open the shower curtain, get in, get out, take clothes off because I’m to sick and forgot, get back in, open the conditioner, then shampoo (eyes closed because now I did the hair washing thing backwards), decided the shampoo foam is good enough to soap my body.  EXIT.

Do you feel how awfully tiring that is?

4.  Visit to the Doctor.

There is that point you cross when you need an ungodly trip to the doctor.  It doesn’t matter if your husband takes off to drive you.  It’s the dying in the waiting room, because time has taken a lunch break.    You could look like death warn over but somehow everyone that arrives after you prances in when their name is called and not yours.  AND thennnnnnn, once you’ve been checked, they write on a piece of paper that says.  “This patient is really sick, please make wait as long as humanely possible for her medication to feel better”.  I know it does.

5.  Someone else gets first day sick on my last day sick.

EVERY. FRICKING. TIME.  I’m playing rock, paper, scissors to see who can just stay sick and not move but they never show up because they are in bed begging to the Fluenza Fairy to go easy.  They need me like how I werewolf yowl at the moon for my mom.

So as much as my body is confused as to why it’s not in the park and idle station, we are now on mission to fix whatever ailment is afflicting their system. Sigh.

“Yes, honey.  I’m coming with that tea”  “Blow your nose Kid.  No, no, with a tissue.” Sigh again.


Yah, I HATE getting sick.

What do you hate, dislike,  despise when the Queen of Misery hits?