Many of us are now homeschooling due to the widespread corona virus and many of us have NO IDEA WHAT WE ARE DOING. Some schools continue with online Zoom classes while other families are left on their own to decipher what to do with their child’s school day. Many of us have multiple children and don’t know where to begin with different ages and different curriculums. We have compiled a variety of FREE  educational websites for kids.


-Word of advice

-how make learning fun while at home (Advice from a Principal and Active Dads Rule Founder!)

-Free Resources



Word of Advice


The news may be scary and hard to digest not only day to day but hour to hour. Coupled with becoming an instant teacher, you may feel overwhelmed. We at The Baby Spot never believe in fear mongering but about viable solutions and giving parents confidence.


The first lesson to learn about homeschooling is there are many ways you rchild will learn! You do not have to teach six hours a day. Your child is not in a class of 20 or 30 students and your child is not dealing with distractions of other students, bathroom breaks, announcements and more. It is just you and your children studying.


Your child can learn in a variety of different ways! Incorporate cooking lunches, cleaning and playing. Choose some fun crafts that your children can work on every day. Do puzzles, tell stories, act out plays and more. They will be learning!


No, your child will not fall behind. With millions of children all over the world out of school right now, your child has a safe home with you to learn from, your child is going to learn a lot of skill sets from the people theyt love the most.


You do not have to keep a regular school schedule. Though children thrive on routine, some of you are still working while others are dealing with job loss. Try to make a new normal and a new routine. If that means your children sleeping in an extra hour to keep your sanity, then that is what needs to be done.


Finally, forgive yourself. Your children deserve breaks and recesses and they will require more of these in the first few days of homeschooling. Remember to forgive yourself if you did not get them up on the time you thought they should wake up to. Forgive yourself if you need to take a minute to gather yourself and forgive yourself if you did not get a lot of the curriculum done at the moment. Giving yourself grace and forgiveness will be the greatest gift during this time.

How to Make Learning Fun When Your Kids Are Home

Free Resources


Welcome to our free resources page! We will update this page as time goes on and more people offer free resources that help your child.


All AROUND RESOURCES (Math, social studies, English and more)


Everylibrary is offering free resources to families as long as you sign up with an account via your email. Resources range from grades kindergarten to 12.


ABC MOUSE is offering 30 days free with a sign up. This is great for children ages two to eight and can help keep your toddlers and your children busy.


Reading Eggs/ Mathseeds- Is offering a 30 day free login with sign up. This online learning has over 2000 books, thousands of learning games and so much more. Ages 2-13 for reading and ages 5-9 for math.


Achieve 3000 is offering free access to literary works and non fiction texts from grades 1- 12




For kids and parents alike- Create calm with coloring! The wonderful people at Kriplu Center for Yoga and Health are kind enough to offer a free Printable coloring book for you and your children. This is great for children ages 7 and up! Remember to tag us and Kriplu in your creations.


Kin with Art Classes for Kids teaches your children how to make some incredible art on Youtube!




TVO and the Ontario, Canada government have free math resources for kindergarten to grade 6.




We love Laurie Berkner and she is hosting free online concerts every Wednesday at 10am EDT for your children to enjoy! This legendary children’s musician is here to help kids and parents find a routine, get up and move, learn and play!


City Shred is doing at home kids workouts on Instagram live!



Story Time at Awnie’s House is reading stories to kids! A great way to get your children interested in new books and experiences.




Think Earth has free resources for elementary school students with an email sign up. There are lots of great resources for caring for our world.


Online Learning Games


Sprocle is a game site that you can take quizzes on anything from history to geology (our favorite is Georgraphy. Can you name every country in the world?) Great for parents and children alike. Create online profiles, earn badges and more.


Study Languages


Duolingo can offer your child the opportunity to learn a different language. With dozens of languages listed, don’t be surprised if your child starts recognizing Japanese characters or learning how to say a few sentences in Spanish.


Don’t forget to check out our top Homeschooling blogs for more education and resources.


We will be creating an online fun guide for parents! Check back with us shortly.