The Loving Relationship Between Your Baby and Your Dog- Stop the New Baby and A Dog Anxiety
By: Diana Smith


Bringing a baby into the house might be a bit confusing for your furry companion and it might even spark some jealousy issues, but if handled properly, your dog will be the best guardian you could wish for your child. These few tips can help you get a better understanding of how to make sure that your two favourite beings bond right from the beginning:

 New Baby and Dog Anxiety: A Gentle Introduction

Similar to other significant situations in life, first impressions can determine the overall relationship between your puppy and your child. Finding the best approach to introduce them to each other is crucial, as you’ll want to make a strong foundation on which they’ll be able to build their future relationship. Of course, there’s always the factor of fear when it comes to first contact between a baby and an animal, regardless of how well-behaved and trained the animal actually is.

Dogs, who are direct descendants of wolves, observe the baby as a new member of the pack, and given the fact that the baby can’t possibly prove itself a worthy member of the pack, it’s necessary for the parents to take some appropriate measures.

The best solution is to take things slowly and have a relaxed approached to the issue. Dogs can easily become flustered if they sense tension, so it’s best to remain calm and give your dog the opportunity to see and smell the baby. While it’ll require some time for the two to get used to each other, it’s very important not to separate them, ignore the dog or prevent him from being close to the baby, as it might hinder the formation of a strong bond.

Teach Them Some Manners

When growing up together, kids and dogs tend to form a relationship quite similar to those we see in siblings, so if you wish to ensure that the relationship goes swimmingly, it’ll be necessary to teach both your child and your dog how to show respect for each other. Even if your dog has no problems with getting used to the baby, sometimes he might underestimate his strength or size and inadvertently hurt the child.

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This is exactly why it’s important to never leave your child and dog unsupervised, but also to teach your dog that the force he uses with adults isn’t suitable for a baby. The same goes the other way around, as you’ll have to teach your child that hitting, hurting or harassing the dog in any situation is unacceptable, and not a proper way to play with their four-legged companion.

Keep Your Dog Healthy

Researchers have established that growing up alongside a canine can greatly contribute to a child’s health, improve their immune system and reduce the chances of developing certain allergies. Of course, this only applies if the dog in question is completely healthy, so by taking care of your dog you’re directly taking care of your baby.

It’s necessary to ensure that your dog’s diet is healthy, so don’t hesitate to buy dog food online and ensure that it’s top quality. Also, regular trips to the vet, vaccinations and outdoor activities are an essential part of keeping your dog healthy, but also a great way to make the bonding experience even stronger.

They say that dogs are a man’s best friend, so naturally, it’s very important to ensure that your best friend and your baby get along from the start. Not only are you making sure that your child and pet are getting a lifetime companion, but numerous studies have confirmed that growing up beside a four-legged friend can be quite beneficial for small children and babies. These few steps will surely help you ensure that your child and dog are best friends from the very first day.