We love to keep our children and teenagers reading, imagining and asking questions. We received Book Three: The Cavern of Promise, entitled, Giants of The Land. Author Clark Burbidge does it again by keeping the reader captivated. Its a great read for your kids and you too!

The evil King of Westland has our main character, Thomas at his mercy.  We see our main character much older and we found the plot riveting. We don’t want to give too much away but we must say, that there is an underlying message for our young readers, we become ‘giants’ with how we interact with one another.

Parents, Burbidge does a great job in keeping both parent and preteen readers highly interested through out the trilogy. We love that it has a strong male character to get your sons interested in reading. We think you and your children will not only fly through this book but all three books and your child will be wanting more.

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