glitter and spice



Here at The Baby Spot, we search for safe products for you and your children. Glitter and Spice teething Jewelry is our go to place for your little ones who need to teeth on something safe.


We love safe products for our kids and Glitter and Spice are 100% Food Grade Silicone, BPA Free, no Phthalates, No Lead, No PVCs and is made of organic, UNTREATED wood. Parents can be rest assured! Glitter and Spice was created by owner Lorene, a wonderful Mother who experienced a teething second child and knew that a safe teething necklace was important. However, she struggled to find one! We love Lorene’s innovation to create the product she could not find, soon after, Glitter and Spice was born!

Handcrafted in Vancouver, Canada, Glitter and Spice is not only safe but stylish! Their contemporary and chic designs are a showstopper and a conversation piece. Passersby will think your little one has a cute accessory, but it will really be a necessary teething aid for your tot!


We loved that the texture of these stylish necklaces are soft, which is kind for those aching gums of a little one. The colours/colors are bright which will keep your child’s interest and the shapes will stimulate him or her.

Many Mothers have said that the beautiful teething jewelry acts as a good distraction so your teething baby will focus on the necklace and therefore keep breastfeeding. We all know many little ones as they get older get easily more distracted!


Have one of those Hercules babies? Don’t worry, the breakaway safety clasp is there for those strong little babies who like to pull things apart.

Washing is simple! Just use a safe soap and water. Glitter and Spice products are a dream! They are also dishwasher and freezer safe. Making your life easier while keeping your child safe.


When you find a good product by a Mompreneur, you have to support it and keep those products in your family! Glitter and Spice is for Babies from a real Mom who has been there through those painful months of teething. To purchase a Glitter and Spice teething necklace, simply click here. Prices are in US dollars.