EJ and Sis

When you are misbehaving, you need a time out! That’s why we love EJ and Sis: Time Out Learning Tool. EJ and Sis is a delightful tale that’s getting a lot of press!

Based on the life of author Natorya Nicole and her little brother, EJ and Sis is the first of a ten book series about engaging children in situations where they can avoid misbehaving and giving parents the appropriate tools for communicating and initiating healthy consequences for misbehaving.


Check out Natorya and her brother on TV One News back in June:



This book has a strong message for children and adults alike: when life is stressing you out, simply take a time out! Teaching a child to “cool their jets” or calm down and then reapproach the situation is key for great social and life skills. We all need a time out once in a while.


We love this positive message that EJ and Sis sends to its readers. We also love a book where family members love each other and look out for one another. It’s great to see that older sister has younger brother’s best interest at heart. We are happy that this book can reach a diverse, global readership and that it subtly let’s the audience know, that families come in all shapes and sizes and that the true message is, is that we are all here for one another. Children from 0-8 will love this book and families of all ages can draw or remind themselves of this book’s loving message.

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