Victoria is the capital of the province of British Columbia in Canada. British Columbia is known around the world as a top tourist destination for those who love the outdoors. Victoria is a great spot for kids, but it is on an island. Those visiting from around the world with children will have to lug car seats, strollers and more. Little Monkey Rentals in Victoria has the answer for you and your traveling needs! How wonderful would it be to leave the extra baby gear at home and arrive in Victoria to find that you can rent everything you need while you are there on one easy to use website? We interviewed Little Monkey Rentals to tell us how they came up with this great concept of renting out baby equipment while traveling!

How did you come up with the concept of Little Monkey Rentals?


It is not a unique concept by any stretch but a very good one.  It is very hard to reinvent the wheel…so our aim is to make the wheel better.  That is our philosophy behind Little Monkey Rentals. 


The opportunity presented itself to us via a good friend of my wife’s, Jennifer.  Her friend was already acting as a contractor for another baby rental business.  As time would have it, she no longer wanted to do the rental business as she could not put a full effort into it.  My wife thought it was a good idea if we chat with her about it and see if it would be a good fit.  It was a great fit!  As a family of four we are always looking for opportunities to make things easier and really believe that our baby rental service is essential for traveling families.  We took her advice, utilized it, came up with other ideas, such as the “consierge” idea of why bring it if we can purchase it for you and Little Monkey Rentals was born. 


Why is it easier for parents to rent rather than bring along their stroller and car seats for all of their children?


No matter if parents have one child or 4, lugging baby gear along for trips is cumbersome to say the least.  Why lug a car seat, crib, pack & play , stroller, etc… along with you on the flight if you can rent it and have it all waiting for you at the airport or set up at the hotel?  Another reason is the airlines baggage fees along with risk of damage to your gear while on the plane.  We know that traveling with children can be a bit of a challenge so why make it more difficult for parents having to drag along all the required baby gear.  Renting also provides families the opportunity to try new products.  We carry different priced products from family affordable to expensive products (Britiax, BOB, Baby Jogger and Foundations) so families can try something they don’t have at home and see if they like it before buying it. 


What can you rent from Little Monkey Rentals?


Parents, Grandparents, relatives  can rent just about anything the parents and child will need while visiting Victoria.  We rent Foundations fold away cribs, Britax, Graco, Evenflo infant/child car seats, high chairs, swings, exersaucers, BOB, City Elite strollers, Strider bikes…and numerous other child equipment. If someone requests something that we do not have in our inventory we will often purchase that item to expand out our products for families.     


What is the process of renting equipment?


This is what I was talking about when I said we were out to make a better wheel.  It is pretty simple.  Whomever wants to rent ababy equipement can go to or call us at 1.855.887.9688 and tell us what is needed.  We write them up an invoice, they sign the e-consent online, make payment and the equipment is reserved for them when they arrive in Victoria.  We also offer delivery and will set upif the client wants it, or we offer pickup as well.  We are located just off of HWY 17 which is the highway to the airport and  BC Ferries, so very convienant if drop off is required.


Tell us about the Personal Shopping aspect of Little Monkey Rentals…


I see you have been hunting around our website, that is good.  Personal shopping is just that.  If a client does not want to bring diapers, formula, baby food, or have even forgot something that they will need when they arrive, we will purchase it for them.  There is not a lot of baby equipment rental businesses that offer that service out there and we think it might set us apart from our competition.


What makes Victoria, BC a great tourist destination for families?

Victoria has it all; culture, water, world class gardens, whales, walkability (many attractions are within blocks of each other downtown), tons of outdoor activities, and great restaurants.  We have castles, bugs,hiking, lots of parks, miniature world, shopping, I could go on and on about Victoria as it is a beautiful spot for families.  We have just started a Pintrest board about activities for families in Victoria as well as family friendly restaurants and hotels.  We find that there is no end to the fun activities in Victoria


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