Are you having a baby? It is possibly one of the greatest joys of your life. Do you have morning sickness? Then you are probably feeling like absolute garbage. It just does not happen in the morning, does it? Who made up the name, “morning sickness” anyway? What we do know is, that millions of women are just like you, have had it, gone through it and have their own remedies to either get rid of it all together or at least bring some temporary relief to the symptoms.


We wanted to give you advice from Moms who have gone through it, just like you. So we asked our readers! Here are their answers:

Parents and Co sells baby products and had some great advice. they used travel bands and it worked “like a treat!”
 Mummy B, the UK mommy blogger completely agrees and insists it was the only thing to ease the illness!

Our friends at the Doula Spot in San Fransisco recommend having a small snack by your bed at night for the first thing in the morning. They attest that having something in your tummy can help keep the nausea at bay.

Cotton Sparrow from the lovely Jersey Channel Islands is a designer and has some fantastic children’s clothing is sticking with classic advice, eating little and often. They also recommend ginger biscuits! The Baby Spot editor agrees!

Our Family World, a great online stop for family needs had interesting advice, they did not drink liquids as soon as they woke up!!
Therapist, writer and Mom, Jo Cormack in the UK used to sniff a piece of root ginger. She attest it works! Ginger helped with our editor’s morning sickness too!

Edmonton, Canada Momma Claire Kolmatycki recommends Ginger ale and ginger cookies! (We are seeing a ginger theme!!!).

Texas Mom recommended to have a couple of saltine crackers as soon as you wake up.

Dsloandownes from Atlanta, USA attests that the Sea-Bands are the only thing that worked for her morning sickness.

Daphne Flowers Doula in Raleigh North Carolina, USA said to eat nonstop, not in large quantities but never let her stomach get empty and she increased her protein intake!

Dj Webb from Arkansas USA has a sweet solution, sucking on jolly ranchers!


We hope that our audience list helps you. Click on each name to see their websites, blogs or follow them on twitter! We love giving you advice from all corners of the globe!

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