Good Health Care is as Close as T-shirt Away

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Good Souls Canada Launches basic tees and totes to fund local hospitals for much needed healthcare technology

Toronto, Ontario – In rural Canadian regions, hospitals aren’t necessarily well-equipped for emergency situations. Funds are needed to buy critical diagnostic machines but it’s not al-ways easy to raise the necessary dollars. Good Souls Canada is making that really easy. Good Souls Canada is a non-profit clothing design company that sells clothing and accessories with proceeds going directly towards hospitals in select (for now) community hospitals across the country. Hospitals are dedicated to using the money from these purchases towards this much-needed medical equipment.


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Good Souls Canada has launched their #WEARYOURCARE ™ and #JUSTCARE ™ fundrais-ing campaigns to help support these community hospitals. When you make a purchase, 100% of the profits go to the beneficiary hospital in your province. The exciting new campaign al-lows you to track the provinces donation amounts to see who is in the lead.
Good Souls was created by Marilena Anderson in 2014 after facing the tragic loss of her mother, “When I was 19 my mother fell and hit her head. Doctors took an X-ray at the local hospital but had no access to a CT scan, which was 30 minutes away at a downtown hospital. Two days later my mom died of massive brain swelling. If her local hospital had been equipped with a CT, they could have caught it sooner and my mom might be alive today.”

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Canadians are lucky to have access to free health care, but Good Souls Canada is now working to ensure they also have access to good health care. It is critical that every hospital have up-dated and readily available equipment to treat patients and save more lives.

“We all want the best health care and medical devices in our local hospitals,” says Anderson.

“But with Canada’s aging population, healthcare costs are rising. And most community hos-pitals don’t have access to the fundraising of larger teaching hospitals. They need our help.”
Good Souls Canada beneficiary hospitals include: St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation (B.C.); Chi-nook Regional Hospital Foundation (Alberta); Saskatoon City Hospital Foundation (Sas-katchewan); Brandon Regional Health Authority (Manitoba); Queensway Carleton Hospital (Ontario); Colchester East Hants Health Authority (Nova Scotia).

All Good Souls products are designed and manufactured in Canada to support jobs here at home. By using local designers and manufacturers, Good Souls reduces how far its goods are shipped, resulting in lower emissions, a smaller carbon footprint and a greener planet.

Every Good Souls Canada item has been named and inspired by individuals directly effected by the inadequate equipment in Canadian hospitals:

The Sil Tee was named for Anderson’s mother, Silvia, who died of a traumatic brain injury and the Ro Bag and Tamara Tote were named for two Canadian women battling breast cancer.

“Everyone is asked to donate to donate to many worthy causes and we know there is donor fatigue,” says Anderson. “We feel that Good Souls Canada purchases are great quality, rea-sonably priced and don’t ask a lot financially. Purchasing one t-shirt, for example, can make anyone feel good, knowing he or she has helped improve health care across the country.

Bot-tom line, having proper healthcare and hospital equipment will save millions of Canadians.”

Visit the Good Souls Canadian Care Challenge at to see how provinces measure up in their contributions to the #WEARYOURCARE ™ and #JUSTCARE ™ campaigns in sup-port of their local hospital.