Henry Hunter and The Cursed Pirates


Author John Matthews takes your child on an exciting ride channeling your child’s wit and channeling their sense of adventure with his new book, Henry Hunter and The Cursed Pirates. Friends of the Henry Hunter series will not be disappointed with this new book!

Henry is ready for another wild ride when his friend Charlie is desperate for his help. Charlie is devastated when his parents go missing in the Caribbean Ocean and absolutely no one will believe that anything is wrong. Thankfully, Henry and his sidekick Dolf have taken it upon themselves to find out where Charlie’s parents are!

However, the trek is not that easy. Henry dives into pirate myths and uncovers a cursed crew of pirates lead by Blackbeard. How are these ghostly pirates sailing? They seem to be building a crew of living prisoners. How can Henry and Dolf navigate the waves to save Charlie’s parents, uncover the mystery and avoid being sent to their watery graves by monster waves? You will just have to buy the book to find out.

Author John Matthews brings a lot of insight and wisdom into his books. He is a historian, folklorist as well as an author. He brings a bit of legend, mystery and history into each book which will have your child looking up these stories after they read.

Even as an adult, we found this book a page turner. Parents can read along with their children or have book discussions with them about Henry’s adventures. If your child falls in love with Henry, as most do, you can easily find a series of books that will keep them interested.

We find in today’s world, many boys get lost in the publishing of books. They are confined to sports books and many authors tailor to an older age. All children will like the writings of John Matthews and especially love this mystery books. This is also a great read for a child who is struggling to read or the over achiever who is looking to dive into stories with some folklore and history attached. It’s a great introduction into further research and projects for your children. John is descriptive and paints each scene with ease, helping your blossoming reader picture the leathery skin of Black beard to the killer waves of the Caribbean.

If this book is not in your child’s personal library, make sure it becomes a part of it. Sky Pony Press has only the best books for children. There is a whole series of Henry Hunter to fall in love with!