Buddha Board- If you are looking for a beautiful hobby that is relaxing and something the whole family can do, you have to check out this Buddha Board! This is not your regular canvas, you can use this again and again making beautiful creations. Let’s dive into all that this creative board has to offer.

This Is How It Works

The Buddha Board is about creativity, inspiration and relaxation. How do all of these three combine to make the perfect artistic experience? Simply have a small cup of water available and dip your beautiful paint brush in. Create different paint brush strokes to make your gorgeous art work. As your water slowly evaporates, your art work will disappear! Allowing you to start over with a new artistic creation.

The Buddha Board is for the whole family!

For Children

This is a no mess no stress craft that your children will love and you will love not to clean up! Your child needs very little water to dip their paintbrush in for their next masterpiece. They will create their artwork, you can take a photo. The painting will slowly evaporate and your child can begin again. This is safe for your preschooler to enjoy and to create!

Our kids loved to paint thunderstorms, weather and our littlest loved practicing her letters. This was a relaxing pastime where the children would show off their art and then couldn’t wait to start all over again. This was great for a little one’s fine motor skills and also kept them relax and rested.

For Parents

This is the ultimate de-stresser! After a long day of working or taking care of the children, relax with the simple set up of the Buddha Board. Concentrate on making your perfect design or lightly paint as you watch TV. Your beautiful creation will be enjoyed where you can take a picture. As it slowly disappears you can start again with a whole new idea.

For us, we enjoyed painting. Whether it was for fun or a part of a meditation/relaxation process, this really is a key component to our destressing. Its clean,easy to use and compactable.

For both parents and children can use this again and again. We recommend one for your children and one for yourself!

Which One Should I Buy

There are some great options on sizing with the Buddha Board which are not to be missed! It must be said that each board can collapse and is compact which makes it perfect for travel. Whether you want to take your art to the park or on vacation, this is doable because of the Buddha Board’s sleek design. Additionally, the Buddha Board comes in a standard size that can be perfect for expressing yourself. However, it has to be noted that this fantastic board has compact options which are perfect for car rides, travel and visiting friends and family out of town. This no stress no mess craft is great for you or your children when at home or out!

Where To Buy

The Buddha Board is so easy to use and it is so easy to buy! It is available on Amazon. There is an old saying, often imitated, never duplicated! You are going to want to look for the Original Buddha Board. The paint brush is made of bamboo and you can see the Original Buddha Board based on its unique logo.

When it comes to relaxation, families need more of it. The Buddha Board is a great way to relax as a family and get your creative juices flowing. We love this sustainable product because you can paint over and over again. It is compact, easy to use and you can enjoy each masterpiece you and your family create. This is a must have for families!