Welcome to parenthood! Your partner and yourself are excited, scared and exhausted to be new parents! If your wife has chosen to breast feed, this can be an amazing experience. However, it can be frustrating and exhausting for new parents. Here are some tips for Dad to help…


1. Get up for the diaper changes- No one likes diaper duty. We can all relate. But if you can wake up for a few exclusive changes and give your wife that extra half and hour to one hour of sleep, you will be working wonders.

2. Get her breastfeeding station ready- Bring the nursing pillow, put the radio on her favorite station or bring a good book. Your job is to motivate and make this transition into breast feeding as easy as possible! A little soothing music or a favorite tv show in the background can relax Mom.

3. Be A Listening Ear- You both are exhausted and you both are doing a great job as parents. Sometimes a new Mom could use someone to talk to about concerns about breastfeeding. Listen to what she is saying.


4. Find Answers- Sometimes, particularly with colic babies or that four to five month stretch can be difficult. Help your wife find answers if she wants to continue to breastfeed but finds that she is having problems. Suggest a doctor’s appointment or, if she’ needs an ally or someone to talk to, see tip #3.

5. Encourage Each Other- It’s a wonderful accomplishment to breastfeed your child. Let her know how she is doing a good job. Remember, you are doing a good job too! Helping your spouse is also keeping this breastfeeding operation run smoothly.

6. Don’t Feel Guilty, You Are A Big Part of This- Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do anything to help with breastfeeding. Husbands are an amazing asset to this team and you are helping a great deal. You may not be able to physically breastfeed but you are nuturing a very special bond. This is a family effort and don’t let anyone ever downplay your role as a partner or a father. You’ve got this!