How to Classify Your Toddler’s Outdoor Toys Appropriately

As a child grows, she will need some toys and rides to stimulate physical growth, interaction, happiness and creativity. Some will be needed for indoor use while others will be needed for outdoor use. The toddlers outdoor toys help them exercise a lot while keeping her fit and healthy.

Most of the time parents are faced with challenges on what to buy their kids. To help you make a good decision, here are some four categories of toy rides that your toddler might need as she grows;




These are toys that are made to resemble most of the day to day mobile machines like bikes, trains, tractors, trucks and cars. They are normally meant for toddlers who have are just learning to talk and walk. These types of toys are categorized into two, “push and pedal ride on” and “powered ride on.”


  • Push and pedal ride on


Push and pedal ride on are those that will rely on your toddler’s energy for motion.  Your baby will ride on them while pedaling or sit on it while pushing it using her legs in the forward or backward motion. They are good for toddlers who have not yet learned to balance or are struggling to learn on how to walk.


  • Powered ride on


Powered rides, on the other hand, are toys that are battery powered. The batteries supply them energy and the baby can be driven around while on it. Some will require a directional track so that your baby won’t be faced with the challenge of controlling the direction of the ride.

Ride on toys, in general, are good for physical coordination, motor skills and balance. Most of them will come with educational songs, chants, sounds, letters, numbers and interactive colors that will add a lot of fun for your baby.


  • Trikes or tricyclesHow to Classify Your Toddler’s Outdoor Toys Appropriately


A tricycle is a three-wheeled ride. For your little one to ride on it, she will have to pedal just like a bicycle. They are good for balance and coordination. That is why you are most likely to find a tricycle for 2 year old in the market today since they are appropriate for children of this age.

There are two types of tricycles that you may want to know about before making any purchase. They include big wheel tricycle and push tricycle. Big wheeled tricycles have a huge oversized front wheel which is good for balance and control.

Push tricycles, on the other hand, are those that will require you to push them around for your baby to ride on them. This type is good for children who are just learning to ride and are not yet good with pedaling.


  • Scooters

    How to Classify Your Toddler’s Outdoor Toys Appropriately


Just like adults and teenagers, toddlers have their special kind of scooters that are designed with their stability and safety in mind. Scooters provide a means of mobility and fun for toddlers. If your baby is likely to go to school around the block, a scooter might be the safest thing to let her ride to and from school.

It comprises of a standing board, four small wheels, and a handlebar. Your baby will be required to stand on it and use one leg to provide the forward thrust. They are good in imparting motor skills and promoting bonding between your baby and friends.


Scooters are the best means of providing your toddler with speed and independence. They are less bulky and dangerous as compared to bikes. They are however more suitable for toddlers with more confidence when it comes to balancing and walking.

It is important to check on their age limits for scooters and find one that suits your baby’s age. Another thing to watch is the handlebar. The bar is the main source of steering and balance. It should be firm and as high as your baby’s waist. They should also have steering locks and brakes for an easy and safe control.


  • Skateboards

    How to Classify Your Toddler’s Outdoor Toys Appropriately


While it may look like they are an adult gear, skateboards are also good for toddlers especially of age 3. At this age, however, they will be perceived as beginners. Skateboards are good for fun and motor skills development. They are good for creating confidence in balancing and creativity.

If you will be in to find your baby a skateboard, it is worth knowing that there are three types of skateboards; Snake, retro and classic. Classic skateboards are normal skateboards. They are popular among most skateboarders and are mostly found in shopping malls.

Retro skateboards are long and have large wheels. They are good for long distance skating and are less good for skating tricks. Snake skateboards, on the other hand, are not suitable for kids as they have one wheel and require complex balancing techniques.

As a safety precaution, it is important that your kid skates with a helmet, elbow, knee and wrist guards. For more safety also, it will be wise if you add special skating shoes to the list.


Encouraging physical creativity from the early age in toddlers is cardinal. This starts with giving your baby a platform to start creating confidence, and self-belief. Buying your toddler rides are some of the best platforms to start cultivating a self-confidence mentality. We hope that this comprehensive article has helped you come close to what exactly to buy your toddler.