When I heard that first scrape noise, I cringed. My child has scraped my vase across the table and had scratched the surface of a wood table. Granted, it was completely my fault for leaving a vase on the wooden table, but there was a huge lightning bolt mark on my side table in a room where we entertain regularly. I needed a product that would protect my home but not ruin my items at the same time. Thankfully, Sugru makes me comfortable in my own living room again!

Sugru is a mouldable glue that is easy to use. Step by step, Sugru will make your life a lot easier!

1. Stick it–  Sugru sticks permanently to so many different types of products! Ceramics, glass, metal, wood and most plastics and fabrics can be protected by Sugru.

2. Shape it- You can build, seal, fix, create or stick things together! You have a half an hour to finish your task, which is more than enough time to get the desired outcome!

3. It Turns To Rubber – In 24 hours, Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that stays stuck unless you want to remove it.

Sugru is dishwasher and saltwater proof and electrically insulation below 24 volts. It can withstand -50 degrees celcius to 180 degrees celcius. It is mouldable, can bond to almost anything, flexible and strong.

We love that it can be useful in all types of weather! Sealing a small crack in our child’s plastic sandbox was a breeze! I also gave Sugru to a friend who loves her shoes. She simply used some Sugru to put in her closet and was able to hang her beautiful heels easily! Her closet when from messy to organized in just 30 minutes! My son’s action figure was quickly repaired thanks to Sugru. I could not believe how handy I had suddenly become!

Now that my vase is safe from scraping along a table, I have use Sugru through out the house. I can now rest easy in my living room knowing that if I hear a crash or a scrape, it is not going to cause chaos in my busy household!