When it comes to keeping your child safe around your home and garden, there is no handbook that tells you right from wrong. You have to make your home and garden child proof. Truthfully, becoming a parent is a massive learning curve; however, your top priority will always be ensuring safety, and this can manifest in anything from clearing away any electricals that may harm your child, to investing in Kenwood damp proofing services to ensure your home is clean and free from spores that could harm your child’s health. There are many ways to ensure your home and garden is child-proof – these are our suggestions.

Invest In Durable Garden Furniture

It’s no secret that children love to climb and explore, so while they’re embarking on their mini adventure in the garden, it’s essential that you opt for durable and mould-proof furniture that will remain sturdy despite their weight and constant movements. Teak furniture in particular is renowned for its durability and resistance from the elements, so your children can play at their teak table with ease without being put in danger.  Even after wear and tear from your child’s use of the furniture, it will turn an elegant silver colour. This keeps  your garden both stylish and safe.

Keep All Garden Supplies Out Of Reach

The garden or garage is the prime place to keep all of your garden supplies, whether fertilisers or general tools like lawn mowers, shovels are shears. These items are dangerous for curious children, and should be kept out of reach at all times. Ensure that packets of fertilisers and toxic substances are always kept on a top shelf of your garage. Keep all garden tools locked away in a cupboard or shed to prevent your children from getting their hands on them.

Fence Off Your Water Features

Shockingly, most cases of 2-3 year olds drowning usually happen in the home and garden? This information was found by the Child Accident Prevention Trust. It might sound morbid and extreme, it’s essential that you remove any drowning hazards from your garden and home. Water features and ponds make a stunning statement for any garden, however they can be perilous for constantly crawling children. Therefore, ensure that all water features are fenced off.  This doesn’t have to ruin the beauty of the feature though. Fence it off, and plant stunning flowers around the borders to enhance the feature!

How To Make Your Home and Garden Child Proof

Gate Your Stairs

To adults, stairs are just, well… stairs. But to children, they’re a huge adventurous mountain, a place to explore! Once climbing this beast, however, things can become considerably dangerous. This is why you’ll want to invest in gates at the top and bottom of your stairs. This way, you can monitor when your child is climbing up the stairs, and equally keep them safe once they’ve reached the top, stopping them from falling down head-first.

Initially, the challenge of child-proofing your entire home is enough to make your head explode! Once you’ve managed to remove the hazards and enforce protection, you’ll be able to rest knowing that your child is free from danger.